The good ol’ hockey game…

Holly and I went to the Caps/Rangers game this afternoon. Caps won 3-2 with the game-winning goal scored by the rookie, Alex Ovechkin. We started off up top in our actual seats, then we went down to visit Leslie in her seats then ended up staying down there for the rest of the game. Holly was so excited – she’d never been that close to the ice (not to mention HBD Halpern) before. I was just excited to be that close to Kolzig (shocker!).

After the game, we ran around town, went to *$ so she could flirt with her barista then she attempted to teach me how to do socks on 2 circular needles. I tried for a little while then I decided it was time to put some time in on Jenny’s baby blanket. I just started the final repeat. Only 89 rows to go – then the fun part starts.

I got an email today from Christy Mullins nee Hahn today. She’s doing well, she’s a vet technician and she and her husband have 2 dogs and at first blush are happy. I think they moved back to Columbus, though I know she used to be in Michigan. She’s in occasional contact with Laura (nee Williams, I don’t remember her married name off the top of my head). It’s just so strange to think about high school friends being married with children. I mean, I know Janet Thode (Uhrick) has Christopher and all, but I can barely wrap my brain around my college friends having children, much less my fellow band geeks and classmates. I s’pose that’s just the normal progression that most people’s lives take.


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