(singsong-ily) I’m done with the blanket, I’m done with the blanket!

*Now, I have to clarify what that really means. In MY world, the word “done” when used to describe a knitting project means that I’ve finished the actual process of knitting and purling, which is huge. What I have left is the hard part: weaving in ends, not to mention this whole blocking, backing and piping nonsense. Hopefully at the end of the day (or rather, at the end of the 28th day of October), I’ll have a blanket worthy of the little duckling.

Dane Cook is on Adam Carolla’s new show – which is irrelevant in and of itself – but he’s wearing a Revs jersey and I feel I should support that. United v. Fire tomorrow night in game one of the 2-game playoff series. Keep your fingers crossed. GO UNITED!

Diesel is up to something. I was bugging her about buying tickets for the spring Atlanta race and I was saying how my friend Rebecca (who – along with her husband – is responsible for my NASCAR addiction) was talking about coming down, too, and now Diesel is scheming something behind my back.

Surprises make me nervous. I think generally because most surprises result in the surprisee being the center of attention and we all know how I feel about that.


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