Perhaps I overreacted?

So I popped 2 fully charged batteries into my camera this morning and it seems to be okay now. I’ll test it some tomorrow, too, and if it’s still acting strangely I’ll look into maybe replacing it this weekend. It’s a little fuzzy, but that’s a picture of the crappy JJ stuff I bought this week. I love Chimmie so I just laugh when I get stuff like that. There’s a ballpoint pen with a helmet top, a car air freshener, and my personal favorite – the war wagon full of candy wrenches and other tools. It’s so ridiculous. Not as ridiculous as the woman who had the Lowe’s Racing logo put on her retainer, but then again, I don’t wear braces.

I got some more news re: the cruise from the bride this a.m. According to the Princess Cruise Lines website, Cozumel is totally off the schedule. We’re going to Costa Maya instead. On top of that, apparently a tornado touched down in Ft. Lauderdale and – according to her – 90% of the hotels in FLL have neither water nor electricity. This trip is going to be an adventure. I’m just going to try to think positively – not something I’m terribly good at.

The other photo I was trying to take last night was of the aforementioned OSU charm bracelet. I got it in the mail from Steph last week and it’s tres fun. I wore it last Saturday but I don’t think our game will be televised this week. The Block-O logo, Brutus and the scoreboard showing 12:28 left just make me laugh. I know the bestest people!

I keep thinking that I should say something deep and insightful in my blog. Something that reveals a deeper insight. A more involved worldview. Truth of the matter is, I’m not that deep and I’m not that insightful, and I’m CERTAINLY not involved. I completely forgot that I was going to be on vacation for Election Day in a week and a half – I thought M. was going to kill me when I told her I forgot to get an absentee ballot.

Anyway, maybe the more I write, the more I’ll get a handle on how I want to put words down. I’ve had a journal for years so it’s hard for me to lose that voice. That sort of all-over-the-place rambling instead of picking a specific blog topic and boring people with just that topic. Hrm…


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