KnN does Columbus

Well, I got up at o-dark-thirty to stumble to DCA to stand in line in the cold for an hour, only to have to cut in front of a Marine (sorry, sir!) in order to check-in in time to make my flight. It wasn’t pretty.

Once I landed in bright and sunny (NOT!) Columbi, I whipped up a batch of eggnog for the ‘rents then stole the car keys and dashed off to hunt down the Franklin County LYS’s.

Temptations in Dublin, OH was my personal favorite of the three I encountered. Huge house full of yarn and antiques on a snow-covered street. Large table in the front for sitting, probably where classes were taught. I could’ve snuggled into that place for hours. It would definitely be my LYS of choice if I lived in Columbus.

My next stop was The Yarn Shop over in Kenny Centre. Large and a fair amount of selection but just didn’t give me that warm fuzzy vibe.

Third and final venture was to Knitters Mercantile in Graceland. I liked that there was a cozy knitting nook of sofas in the front of the store and the people seemed friendly but the setup of the store itself was kind of odd.

Of course, have to give KM props because they were the only store that had what I was looking for.

And for the NASCAR front, for the first time I saw a white Monte Carlo with red stripes and a big number 8 on the side. Oy.

p.s. For the record – I forgot EVERYTHING. So much for the stinking packing list.


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