Is it just me…?

Or do normal people not stay up all night to pack the night before they have to travel to locales far and near? This trip is a little more complicated because I’m cooking and packing kitchen supplies, etc. – I can’t believe the mixer broke in the middle of making ‘nog! I hope it’s drinkable. We’ll see tomorrow.

Since I’m already procrastinating, I’ll tell you about my birthday. =) S & W schemed a smallish dinner party at W’s house for about 15 people or so and I had a GREAT time. Having a birthday that falls in the ‘valley of death’ as I affectionately refer to it is sometimes difficult to pull off but they did it wonderfully. Frankly, any excuse I have to eat W’s cooking is good by me. He, Steve & untold others prepared this asparagus soup with potato and chicken stock and other stuff, handmade summer rolls with shrimp, mini burgers cooked on the grill and finally, the City Ham from Good Eats. It was fabulous!

I got a handful of presents but it was really nice just to have good friends and good food around me as I entered my mid-thirites.


One thought on “Is it just me…?

  1. MelyssaF says:

    Since you don’t know any normal people (myself included), it will be hard to judge something like that. 😉 For the record, I didn’t pack for London until Sunday morning, when the plane was leaving Sunday afternoon. Glad the bday party was fun, sorry I missed it!

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