Awwwww yeah!

Testing at Daytona started today. Watching Speed’s condensed coverage now – JG was fastest but Chimmie was right behind him in this morning’s practice session; Chimmie was 2nd to B. Elliott in the afternoon session. As usual, -immie deflected the praise to the guys in the engine shop and the rest of the team who worked hard in the off-season. Just love him.

I needed to take a break from knitting. I finally finished the third disk of Lost (season 1) but apparently I got a little too wrapped up in what was going on with Claire and Sawyer and Jack and the rest of the folks from flight 815 that I either dropped a stitch or did something else colossally stupid and now I have to unknit about 250 stitches to try to figure out what’s going on.

I’m not amused.

Wine might help.


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