And you thought I made him up

Meet Igor. He’s gnoshing on K2 while I get my act together and finish dinner and a snack for Knit ‘n’ Nosh tomorrow night. I made the Three-Cheese Chicken Penne Florentine – it was quite tasty. I pawned some off on my roomie and she enjoyed it, too, so it can’t be too heinous. Of course, it took way too freakin’ long to make, but other than that it was all good.

So, after I finished playing Julia Child and fast-forwarded my way thru Tivo’d CSI and unearthing Igor, I cranked out the rest of K2:
Pattern: Mini-socks on Two Circulars

Yarn: Um. I lost the ball band. I think it’s Regia 4-ply. Color unknown.

Needles: 2 size 0 Addi Turbo circular needles

Modifications: I made them a bit longer than the mini-sock length – added about 4″ to the length.

Started: Sometime in December, 2005

Completed: March 2, 2006

I’ll try to see if I can figure out the yarn at KH tomorrow afternoon.

I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow morning but now I don’t have any knitting to work on during the two-and-a-half hour process. Maybe I’ll cast on the Mystery Project (MP) before I go to bed, so I can work on it on the metro and at the salon.

I will not stay up until 4 in the morning watching WarGames.


2 thoughts on “And you thought I made him up

  1. Stick says:

    one would think he’d be a lot bigger for all the things he’s eaten!

  2. Stick says:

    NO, But you will stay up til 5!!

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