Why Don’t Sheep Felt in the Rain?

[Just a little something I was pondering when I originally thought it was going to rain at MDS&W]

First off, I want to apologize to Steph. No, not you Steph, the other Steph. The one who actually cares about NASCAR race results. Those who know me know that nothing drives me insane quite like having the result of a race, game, tv show, what have you revealed. In my jubilation over Chimmie’s win, I inadvertently revealed the race results to her before she had a chance to finish watching the race on Tivo. I’ll make a deal with you – I’ll give you 72 hours before I post results. After that, I can’t be held responsible.

Igor checks out my progress

I’ve done a fair amount of knitting this week, though I’ve finished neither Gigi nor Hippo. I’m alternating pretty consistently. I work on Gigi when I don’t need to watch my hands and Hippo is pretty much my portable project. Today it saw the Metro and the drug store while I was waiting for my allergy meds. Damn you pollen!!!

I’m leaving for Maryland Sheep and Wool in 8 hours. Why in the world am I playing with people who are making me leave the house on Saturday morning an hour EARLIER than I would for work any other day of the week. Then, of course, there’s the little soiree that I’m crashing (as Hol’s guest) afterwards. Just another situation for me to feel supremelly uncomfortable in. Ah well, there’ll be alcohol, that should take the edge off, no?

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