This & That

This was the view from my front porch this weekend as I lazed about knitting on our porch swing, working on Hippo. I contemplated trying to arrange a picture of my knitting, but decided the spring day was more than picturesque enough on its own.

Friday night was Shan’s birthday party. A fairly low-key affair, at least for me. She, on the other hand, had a rough Saturday morning. I spent Sat. afternoon at Dr. Ho’s graduation cookout/party & Sunday was spent cruising Old Town with my so-called sister, searching for yarn for a Kitty Pi for Mookie.

One of these Things is not like the Other

Note the snazzily exposed toes. Are you dazzled by the fading pedicure? How about the TWO INCH REMAINING TAIL OF YARN!!!??? So close, and yet, so far. We won’t discuss the 4" of yarn remaining on the cast on edge. Nor will we discuss the fact that the long tail cast on that I used on both socks probably ate up all the yarn I needed. Enter: emergency rations. I stopped by KH this weekend and picked up an extra skein of ye olde Peacock just to be on the safe side.  Unfortunately, I was so busy zooming in and out of the shop that I forgot to wind the 400+ yards of  yarn, so now I need to hunt down a swift before I can finish the last 3 inches.  ARGH!

Almost There…

I cast off the hem to Gigi a couple of nights ago but can’t quite bring myself to finish her. I think she’s going to be a smidge too big and, and I don’t ever really finish her, I can’t be proven right, eh? During my weekend jaunt to the shop this weekend, I also picked up some Eucalan so I can eventually block it. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ve got some stuff to do tomorrow but hopefully I can get the arms done and start blocking her before the season finale of Lost.

Look at
what the nice delivery person brought me!!!

On the left we have my KnitPicks Andean Silk for the Penobscot Bay hat (my Knitting World Cup project). The blue in the upper left is Hyacinth but it’s a smidge more purple than I’d really like. I may return it and order 2 more skeins in a different shade. On the right we have random sock yarn that I got to bump up my order total and a book on Continental Knitting. Of course, now I know it was destiny so I’d have extra sock yarn to participate in the Summer of Socks.

Last but not least, we have my tax refund check! As soon as Hol gets back from OKC we can get down to some serious vacation planning. W’HOO!!!


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