1. an acute mental disturbance characterized by confused thinking and disrupted attention usually accompanied by disordered speech and hallucinations

That is me all over right now.   The last time I remember being this tired was after flying to Dublin and having to stay awake waiting for May to arrive on her oft-delayed flight.   I ended up finally leaving the office around 11:30 this morning – my boss shoved me out the door and insisted I take a cab home.  I can only hope she doesn’t think giving me this afternoon off is compensatory enough for my entire Sunday, not to mention sleep deprivation.

P7150368My Saturday Sky photo is only so-so, I tried to make up for it by taking decent Sunday and Monday sky shots.  I took this shot at dusk from my seat at RFK.  DC United faced off against the Crew and maintained their streak.  There was much rejoicing throughout the land. 

I don’t know what amused me more – the banner that read "Troy Saves AND Loans" referring to the goalkeeper’s ‘day’ job as a loan officer in Fairfax, VA or the Barra’s visual plea for P7150363their favorite concessionaire:   We want the beer man!   I kept giggling everytime I glanced over there. 

Woke up late-ish in my morning Sunday, mourned the fact that I couldn’t TM Melyssa for brunch (stupid Texas!), and headed to work.  The less said about that, the better.  The silver lining about spending all day on Connecticut Ave. yesterday is that our consultant didn’t bother showing up for the first 4 hours I was there so at least I got to watch the race.  I stand by what I said last week about the boys and this time of year.

Result (highlight): I was running back and forth a little bit and couldn’t listen to the scanner for the whole race.  Came home 9th – and it’s hard to complain about a top 10 – but they just seemed really disappointed.  Hopefully they can turn things around in Pocono.

DCU is in Chicago this weekend, but more importantly, Saturday is Bubba IV – my friends’ annual pig roast.  I’m not cool enough for the vessel or tshirt club, but it’s always a good time and I can’t wait.  Unfortunately, big sis is gonna be in Chicago so I’ll have to talk to scary strangers on my own.

I’ll leave you with my last two pictures of the weekend.  The first taken on my way to work yesterday morning; P7160387_2the second is a sunrise shot from my coworker’s office:P7170389_2

There is no need to EVER see the sunrise from the office.  EVER.


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