Too Much Time Alone

So, I’m watching Storm Stories – narrated by my Weather Channel boyfriend Jim C. – and screaming at the television.   See, I have a deeply ingrained fear of tornadoes, helped along by my mother’s belief that sitting me down in front of an hour long special on the F5 that hit Xenia, OH in ’74 would help educate me and alleviate any fear I had.  Um.  Right.  So, you’ll forgive me while I scream at the silly South Dakotans who decided to hop in their minivan to outrun the twister.P7220416_1

Yesterday was my work comp day and I didn’t do anything vaguely productive.  I may have accidentally done a load of laundry, but the room is still in shambles, groceries unpurchased, clothes not bought, earrings not replaced, and books unread.  I did manage to take care of one thing though – I kept Hol from yelling at me.  I ended up spending the afternoon at KH working on Steph’s Waving Lace sock.  I haven’t decided on the renaming yet.  I think I’m going to go with Tsunami sock b/c I like the alliteration of it all.  I’ll have to try to take a better picture of it tomorrow in natural light – I’m having trouble capturing the shades of this STR.

P7220423In addition to working on the sock, we did some more talking about D&H’s European Vacation.  I think I’m starting to scare her.  I’m really not this anal retentative; I just love the planning part of a trip.  It’s like I somehow extend the vacation by thinking about it for weeks (okay, months) in advance.  That and I have to figure out what to do for the hours and hours that she’ll spend shopping.  She finally got her passport from our good friends in the U.S. Gov’t, so we’re all ready to go.  Now we just need a place to stay – that’ll be next week.   I’m also obsessing about not speaking French – this is going to drive me stark, raving mad.  Non, je ne comprends pas.


3 thoughts on “Too Much Time Alone

  1. Stick says:


  2. dani says:

    Don’t make me send Y that picture of you…

  3. They speak English in Paris, don’t worry about it. 🙂 Wish I were going with y’all!

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