Bubba IV

P7220424 Today was my friends’ annual pig roast, affectionately known as Bubba IV.  I’m usually not there early enough to see the pig come off the fire, but since I hitched a ride over with E today, I got to see the whole enchilada.  Fortunately this particular piggy was already noggin-free; that always creeps me out a little bit.  This fourth little pig built his house out of cinderblocks and metal.  Perhaps he should’ve made sure the boys weren’t armed with charcoal and fire before getting cozy inside.  Regardless, we’re all glad he decided to make himself cozy.  Mmmm, porkP7220435_1.

Apparently they got started on Bubba around 6 this morning which is a good 5 hours before I crawled out of bed.  I got there in time to help with chopping and dicing which is about all I can manage.  Other people got called on for corn shucking duty, while still others were on BBQ sauce or bean salad duty. 

Despite the thunderstorms that were forecast for the vast majority of the day, the day was clear and warm until early evening.   A little too warm from time to time but we kept dodging inside with the dogs to take advantage of the air conditioning.



3 thoughts on “Bubba IV

  1. Stick says:

    Man, I can’t believe I missed Bubba IV. I heart pig.

  2. Rossana says:

    PIG! I was just telling my BF this morning that we need to find some good bbq pig. Mmmm…pig! You’re making me HUNGRY!

  3. I can’t believe I missed it too! At least it didn’t pour like last year.

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