DBH in Effect

…because that’s just how we roll. 

P7260448_1Today is my travel partner-in-crime‘s birthday, which means there was absolutely no way I was going to get out of putting in an appearance at Late Night.  I contributed some vino to the cause – thank goodness I decided not to bake anything.  Our sweet teeth were well taken care of, between E‘s revel bars (some sort of oatmeal, chocolaty goodness), Rossana‘s chocolate bundt cake, and Ann’s heart-shaped yellow cake with scrumptuous chocolate icing.   Julie was kind enough to bring a present for little ol’ me, too – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (b/c I’m the only person in America who hasn’t read it yet).

And what does one do when one is chock-full of chocolate-y goodness?  Why, one goes to Austin Grill for margaritas and yummy Tex-Mex, of course.  I think I’m pretty much good to not eat again until late tomorrow.  Maybe Friday.  Darn good taquitos, though. 

So, I cast on the Ballet Cami on Sunday; Steph is insisting that IP7270456 rename it Floyd in honor of  Floyd Landis’s victory in the Tour de France.  My interest inthis project lasted exactly five rows, before I was seduced by the black Alpaca & Silk in my stash.  On Monday, the Somewhat Cowl was born.  I haven’t decided on a rename yet, but I’ve already screwed it up so I’m not sure if the whole thing needs to be frogged or if there’s a quick fix in the offing.

I’m still plugging along on Steph’s tsunamis.  The heel flap is done on the first one and I’ll start picking up stitches for the gusset tomorrow.   I’ll be happy if I P7270450_1 fcan finish the gusset tomorrow so I can get back to the regular round-and-round pattern for the drive out to Bentonville on Friday.  Yes, it’s time for camping trip #2 of the year.   The forecast is calling for temps in the 90s and isolated thunderstorms all weekend.  Good times.

My room is currently around the 90 degree mark.  Hopefully the landlord can take care of this…inconvenience while I’m away this weekend.


4 thoughts on “DBH in Effect

  1. LauraRN says:

    Great to see you last night! I love the ballet cami– might just have to try one of those…

  2. Steph says:

    Oh no! Maybe it’s a bad sign for Floyd the ballet cami that Floyd the cyclist is in trouble…

  3. Rossana says:

    I’m still salivating over your stories of the pig roast! (drool drool drool!)
    I’m glad you came to Late Night and then we had an even Later Night.
    DBH posse 4-ev-ah!

  4. Joan says:

    You’re not the only one in America who hasn’t read that Harry Potter…:)

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