Roughing It*

P7280463 * couldn’t be more sarcastic if I tried.

This is the view from my campsite this weekend.  Just me and 150 of my closest aquaintances.  No knitting, lots of bug spray and sunscreen and lots of sweating.  Oh goodness, the sweating.  Despite my handy ceiling fan, it has been BROILING hot in greater Northern VA, and the great outdoors was no different.  Fortunately we were camped right along the river, so there were lots of opportunities to jump in & cool off.

I only go camping once or twice a year and after my very first camp outing 5 years ago, I learned that certain things were going to be necessary for my outdoor survival:

– a large tent, because being able to stand upright while changling clothes is key;
– an air mattress.  An actual air mattress, not one of those cute little Thermarest things that real campers use);
– a battery-operated fan, because camping in July requires certain sacrifices in order to not broil in your tent.

We got there around 4 or so on Friday evening and set up camp near our friends.  We had a friendly enclave of 7 tents or so with a little area in the middle for all our chairs and coolers, etc.  It was a nice little place to get away when we got a little tired of the main body of folks.  The great part of the "main body" is that they dealt with toting and cooking all the food, the firewood, the beverages, etc. 

The forecast ended up changing on Friday so we didn’t have the thunderstorms we thought we would.  We spent all day Saturday on the river.   We started off with a hike along a wicked steep trail that I can’t remember the name of, and then spent the next five hours floating downriver in a tube.  Plenty of water in the river, but not nearly enough of the clean stuff to drink – I ended up SOOOO dehydrated and had to lay down for a couple of hours once we got back to camp until I P7280467_3got my equilibrium back.   The cerveza I had while floating along in the sun certainly couldn’t have helped matters much.  The rest of my evening was spent sitting in my campchair around the fire, laughing at/with my friends – there really isn’t a better way to spend the day.

Today was boring: pack up, drive home, empty duffel into washing machine, wash river out of my hair and try to figure out why my bedroom is hotter than my tent was.  Must call landlord.

I didn’t manage to get a Saturday Sky picture yesterday, but maybe the Friday sunset will help make up for my oversight.


One thought on “Roughing It*

  1. Rossana says:

    It sounds like a perfectly fun summer weekend! Where in NOVA do you go tubing? I know of the place near Charlottesville.

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