It’s Too Hot to be Clever

Back in ’96, I went on a cross-country trip with my friend, Steph.  It was the last week of August, we had no air conditioning and on the last night of our trip, we hit Baker, California.  I distinctly remember calling my dad from the payphone at Burger King in the shadow of the World’s Tallest Thermometer and virtually sobbing.  It was 118 degrees at 7:30 at night and I could barely speak I was so miserably hot.  That’s what the last couple of days have been like here in lovely, scenic D.C.   Now, to be fair, it hasn’t been quite that warm here, but the heat index has been in the low 100s the last couple of days, and walking outside takes my breath away.


Went to late night tonight and was convinced by the general population to go ahead and frog back Steph’s sock to above the heel flap because three-of-three knitters surveyed decided I wasn’t going to have enough yarn left to finish the foot.   Maybe I should just rename it the Summer of Sock.  While at the shop, there was also a minor stash aquisition.   I’ve been coveting this Lorna’s Laces for months, so I finally gave in to the siren’s song of the Seaside colorway.  Who knows what I’ll make with it, but it has now been enshrined in the stash.P8030469

I’ve also been working on the Somewhat Cowl.  It’s pretty slow going for the likes of me – little  yarn, little needles – but I’m plugging along.  I’m a little apprehensive about whether or not it’s going to be wearable, but I’m not going to be able to tell for several more inches of shaping.  I keep trying to take interesting pictures of it but black yarn is just blah.  It’s blobesque in its photogenic..osity.  Hopefully soon it’ll start to look like something.

In pub trivia news, CiC actually got BOOED last night.  What?!?!  We haven’t won in WEEKS and we’re being booed?  Get real, y’all.   It must be because everyone knows ‘Trick loves us best, because it certainly can’t be for our keen guessing ability.  For the record, we finished third.

In other miscellaneous news, DCU took on the Crew in Open Cup play last night.  The game was up at MD Soccerplex, but I just couldn’t see schlepping up there during rush hour on a school night.  Too much of a pain.   Apparently it was a heck of a game and the good guys got lucky in the end.  We’ve been workin’ the "better lucky than good" vibe a little too much lately.   Last but not least, I may have scored a free ticket to the Dixie Chicks concert this Friday.  I’ll know for sure tomorrow.


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