Will Wonders Never Cease?

P8030483 I went to the gym.

They closed my gym years ago in the name of suburban development and while I was able to use my membership at other gyms in the city, I didn’t do so with any particular regularity.  They promised they would reopen a gym at the original location and I told myself that once the new gym opened, I would box up my myraid excuses for not working out and get off my butt.

July 29th was that fateful day.  Now sure, I waited a few days to make sure it was all established and wasn’t a hoax, but I dragged my butt there after work today.  Didn’t do anything crazy: a little treadmill, a little bike.  I also have an appointment for an orientation early next week.  We’ll see if I can manage to keep it going.  I’m starting slow for now – just trying to get into the habit of going – before trying to set up a specific routine.  Note to self: when you know you snickered your way through Walk in the Woods on the Metro and garnered a fair number of funny looks, perhaps reading In a Sunburned Country on the bike is a bad idea.  I had to disguise P8030485 a number of snorts with obviously fake coughs.

Did a little work on the tsunami at lunch today and this evening.  Heel flap, take 2.  I’m almost at the picking-up-stitches-along-the-edge stage of the game.  Maybe I’ll get all that mess taken care of manana.  I’m also considering taking on Sock Wars.  I know I’ll be dead within a week, but it just strikes me as amusing (while reminding me of our water-pistol game senior year).  It kicks off the day after H and I get back from vacation so we shall see.


One thought on “Will Wonders Never Cease?

  1. Amy says:

    Join Sock Wars! Do it… you know you want to… you know you do!

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