What’s in a Name?

Through some sort of minor miracle, I stuck to my every other day plan and went to the gym yesterday morning.  I managed to get to the gym at the beginning of quals and walked on the treadmill until Jimmie took his lap; fortunately he went out 12th so I got a pretty good mosey in before heading home.

P8060491 I spent today living up to my blog’s name.  Lazed through my morning, then worked on the tsunami sock while watching the race at the Brickyard.  Unfortunately I think I should’ve found something else to work on – something with a little less lace and a little more stockinette.  Probably would’ve gotten more knitting done if I hadn’t had to keep stopping to check the chart.  I finally finished the heel flap/gusset/whatever and started on the foot.  Had to suffer through the obligatory freakin’ #20 show and replays of Jimmie’s wreck from last year before getting on with the race.  Next week is Watkins Glen.  I’m not a big fan of the road races.  I don’t know if that’s just because Chimmie tends to not perform well on those types of tracks or what; they just bore me.  It’ll make for good knitting time if nothing else.P8050487

My Saturday Sky looks about the same as most of my others.  It was warm yesterday, without being totally oppressive which was nice.  More blue skies, more sunshine, blah blah blah.  It’s a tough gig.

Oh!  I went to see the Dixie Chicks’ concert on Friday night.   It was a pretty good show, but nothing to write home about.  For most of the show, each song was almost exactly as it sounds on the CD; they relaxed a little more as it got towards the end.  They’re incredible musicians, as is the rest of their band, so it was the best $0 I’ve even spent for a show.


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