Drink, Type, Pee

That’s pretty much what I did today.  When I finally took the edge off venting my spleen at anyone who would listen, I decided to try to be productive and see if there was anything positive that I could take away from my conversation with the trainer yesterday.  One of the things she mentioned was that I should drink at least a gallon of water a day.  Now, I can knock back a half-gallon, no problem.  That second half gallon has been brutal.   I think I may need a pedometer to track the number of steps I take up and down the hall.

I took the SomewhatCowl to pub trivia tonight and got a few rows done.  I knew I was nearly to the toe decreases on tsunami so I didn’t want to take it to the bar.  CiC came in second, but they didn’t have any tee shirts or hats or anything so they’re buying us a round next week.  I’ll take it in a pinch.  Off to bed so I can attempt to hit the gym before work tomorrow morning.

3 thoughts on “Drink, Type, Pee

  1. I agree, the 2nd half gallon is a KILLER. But…here’s a thought! Drink a glass when you brush your teeth (so that’s 2 if you brush 2x a day). Drink a glass when you take your vitamin (if you do such a thing). There’s at least 24 oz. out of the way. 🙂

  2. Erin says:

    A gallon of water sure sounds like a lot … my doctor told me to aim for 64 oz. a day. Which, (ack! math!!) is a half-gallon. In fact, my doctor said that you can actually do damage to your body by drinking too much water … are you sure that your trainer isn’t just bad at math?? I’d talk to your doctor before downing a gallon a day. Maybe it’s totally fine, but wow does it sound like a lot.

  3. I’m with Erin – 64oz ought to be enough! But I’m running to the potty just as much as you are!

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