…Or Desired Length

Reportedly, one of Holly’s favorite stories about me is from around when we first met.  I was knitting the Stole from Hell, my first quasi lace project and it was just going on forever and ever.  I was down at the shop some evening, whining up a storm about how the project was never going to end.  Hol glanced at the pattern as I was stretched out in the middle of the shop floor, measuring the stole for the umpteenth time,  then quizically asked, "Why don’t you just end it – the pattern says x inches or desired length."

P8180530_1 Apparently I have issues with directions.  I read until I get into the meat of the matter, then I stop.  I don’t know if I assume that I know better or if it’s just a matter of being absent-minded and moving on to the next thing – whatever it is, I should really stop.  The latest example of this phenomenon wawws during dinner prep.  Apparently, I just skipped the whole "combine milk and flour and add to skillet, bring to boil, simmer" portion of the program.  Ah well, it was still tasty: a whole chicken, onion, mushroom, broth, white wine, thyme combo, and a side of veggies.  I’m trying!P8180529

I  promised Y that I’d try to take more pictures of my friendly environs.  Frankly, I should  anyway – there’s so much to see.  Here’s the building that’s actually visible from a handful of offices in my suite (sadly not mine):  St. Matthew’s Cathedral on Rhode Island Ave.  I like the red brick and the big ol’ dome.   I really should practice taking more pictures in preparation for the trip.  Twenty-four days and counting.

P8180527 I came across this interesting, yet disturbing sight this morning while cleaning my office.  Is it just me, or does this look like rodent nibbling?  My boss tried to convince me that it would be impossible, that our office is several stories up, how could we have a mouse?  But I preseTsunami_1nt Exhibit A.

Last but not least, Steph got her test sock!  Somehow I can’t get my own socks to fit, but knit one for someone on the other side of the country?  Not a problem!  We’re still in negotiations as to who gets to sew up the toe.  I clearly think it should be her.

In NASCAR news, JB is sitting on the pole and Chimmie rolls off 8th.  It’s all good.


One thought on “…Or Desired Length

  1. Holly says:

    That looks yummy… would you mind making that for me – with a side of watermelon balls, of course! 🙂
    That’s great news that the sock fits Steph… she should clearly kitchener it, not you. Hee!

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