Laying Low

I decided to take it easy this weekend, since I’m camping in central PA next weekend.  Friday night was a mini-shopping spree to replace the black work pants I ruined a few weeks ago and a casual bag to slop back and forth to KH with.  Of course, it’s going to be another week before I can make it back to the shop, what with camping next weekend and another United game on Wednesday.

P8190534Speaking of United, they had a game yesterday afternoon.  I do love how ESPN schedules a DCU game, midday on a Saturday in the middle of August.  Oh yeah, that was comfy.  It did yield my Saturday Sky picture of the day though.  There were a couple of other artistic maybes but I like this one the best.   I won’t say much else about this game for the time being besides it was good to see Petke even briefly; he did come clap in our general direction after the game.

Did I mention our friendly neighborhood D.C. police occifers? P8190536  These two are the guys who regularly keep an eye on our section for rogue confetti  – the one on the right frequently just laughs at us, while Officer John on the left isn’t quite sure what to make of things.

I did manage to knock out some quality gym time  in the morning before the game and even packed a snack to take to the game so I could stay away from the oh-so-tasty, yet frequently-not-hot chicken tenders and fries.  *sigh* I don’t wanna talk about it. 

I really didn’t do a thing this weekend.  Watched the race this afternoon while knitting nary a P8200564stitch.  I finally cast on the 2nd tsunami sock, but haven’t really gotten rolling on it.  Both Sisyphus and the gym sock are at points where the pattern is changing, so I have to…um…find the patterns again.   

Last but not least, I did a little cooking this morning.  I tried out the Breakfast Fig & Nut Cookies from Cooking Light‘s July ’06 issue.  I haven’t tried them out yet; I’ll report back after breakfast tomorrow.  They look tasty though – dried cranberries and figs and almonds, oh my!


2 thoughts on “Laying Low

  1. Woohoo! The cookies look great. Email me and let me know where in central pa you will be!!

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