I am not a Morning Person

"{bleep} you alarm clock and the horse you rode in on" was the text message I sent to C at 6:11 this morning.  Needless to say, the struggle to get out of bed to go to the gym continues.  This week I’ve been pretty good about working out but the food portion of the ‘healthier living’ master plan has gone right out the window.   This has been a busy week socially but that’s no excuse.

This past Tuesday was probably CiC’s last appearance at Pub Trivia for a while.  Between my vacation, Big Sis’s work trips and grad school classes, and general burnout, we’ve decided to at least take September off.   This week was fun (again) because we were back to all x-chromosomes, all the time and I think our trivia hosts liked having us back.  D rushed up to us when he walked in and asked where we were.  He also told us the Paddy cried in our absence, but we didn’t buy it.   We were also there to celebrate E’s birthday – Paddy was kind enough to sing happy birthday and give her a little birthday smooch, so all was pretty much right with the world.   Nothing like having a couple of fun Irish boys fawning over you to make a group of gals feel good.

Yeah, still no knitting.  Ideally I’ll finish the other sock this weekend, but I’ve got 3 more days of social scheduling so who knows.   Too tired to be witty.  First of five alarms goes off in less than six hours.


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