(Pity) Party of One

I’ve been in an uber-craptastic mood since trivia last night, which is ridiculous because the Trinity – as we affectionately refer to the lads – were all present and accounted for and doting appropriately.  I know I’m cranky because I have this perception that the Trinity loves the rest of CiC and I’m just sort of the hanger-on that they tolerate, which makes me retreat into myself, P9060654which makes me less engaging and less likely that they’ll want to interact with me.  Fun with self-fulfilling prophecies.  Of course, if I were a grown-up, I wouldn’t give a crap.

The good news is I got my fall supply of sock yarn today.  Well, since I average a pair of socks every five weeks, this should get me through til…2008.  It’s all very autumnal; I like the fun colors.   It’s pumpkin and woodland sage and fall somethin’.  I can’t wait to get gauge on them – I’m planning on maybe using one of these for my Sock Wars participation.

I’ve also been plugging along on Steph’s second sock.  I wanted P9070673 to have the heel turned by yesterday, but as usual, I didn’t get the knitting done over the weekend that I thought I would.  I’m still clinging to a feeble hope that I’ll have them finished before my flight outta here, but I’m not holding my breath.  I’m getting my hair done on Saturday, which gives me four hours of knitting time. 

We’ve been looking at the forecast for and I didn’t our ten day European extravaganza and it looks like rain, rain and more rain, which is guiding ye olde packing list in the general direction of jeans and tee shirts, looking cute be damned (Hol is cringing as I speak).  We’ll see what Pentagon City yields manana.


One thought on “(Pity) Party of One

  1. MelyssaF says:

    Nonsense. The trinity loves you just as much. Besides, you’re far funnier than I am on a regular basis. How could they not love you!?!
    I am very jealous that you’re galavanting off to Europe with Hol. Have a BLAST and don’t forget to blog a bit when you find an internet cafe!

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