Mr. Wonky Pattern

Finished up the body of Mr. Dangly today and apparently I’m the dumbest knitter in America.  Many people have made this pattern but it seems I’m the only one who had issues with stitch counts.   Regardless, this debacle forced me to actually RECALCULATE decrease rows and REWRITE part of the pattern to serve my own purposes.  I think I need to lie down.

Since it’s been a whole five days since we last saw one another, I’m planning to swing by late night tonight to see my travel partner in crime.  It does make me feel slightly better about my own non-vacation blogging because I’ve at least knocked out the lead edge of London.  I’ll try to do the London/Paris transition tonight.  Soon-to-be-blogged about:

  • H’s deep and abiding love for CDG
  • How many pictures of the Eiffel Tower can one take before one’s camera explodes
  • The stellar taxi service in the City of Lights
  • Does having a bakery downstairs make up for having the smallest hotel room EVER?

One thought on “Mr. Wonky Pattern

  1. Stick says:

    Yes! having a bakery downstairs makes up for just about everything!

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