So Long, Sisy!

I had high hopes of at least making a couple more big strides on Sisyphus before I tossed him aside to work on my Central Park Hoodie, but it was clearly not meant to be.  I got the big ol’ box of squishy Wool of the Andes goodness at work yesterday and cast on the swatch approximately 6 minutes and 13 seconds after walking in the door last night.  [Oh please, like you’ve never felt like hugging a yarn delivery before?!]



Of course, in my over-eagerness to get cracking on CPH, I totally misinterpreted my gauge swatch and started working with the wrong needle size.  OOPS!  So,
whereas I would have been done with my 4" of ribbing and ready to move on to the pattern, I’m only about halfway done.  CursePa261406s!

I’m still plugging away on my…oh, dear, I can’t believe I’m about to name my socks this – LL Cool J (Lorna’s Laces Cool Jaywalkers).  [Sometimes I just amuse myself – leave me alone!]  It’s pretty slow going, since I only work on it during my commute and lunch hour.   It was all I could do to
bring it with me to work today, since I’m obsessing over the new-kid-in-town hoodie.Mart_cham_1

It’s nearly been a week, so if I’m still spoiling the race result – sorry, Stepha!  Atta boy, Chimmie!
  Led the most laps, won the race, and got to go back to Victory Lane.  Emotional weekend as always in the HMS camp, but the guys really needed this win to get back in the hunt.  Great job!  The top 8 teams are only separated by 99 points, so it’s gonna be tight from here on out.

On Tuesday, we discovered that Bobby Boswell was indeed not named Cosmo’s Bachelor of the Year (at least it went to my 2nd favorite).  More importantly, though, he was named MLS Defender of the Year.  Atta boy!  Now go get me that Cup.  Game 2 of the conference semis is Sunday – hopefully we’ll put NY away and move on to face the CHI/NE winner.  Ugh.  Too much stress this time of the year.


5 thoughts on “So Long, Sisy!

  1. Erin says:

    LL Cool J … you’re too funny!! I love it!!

  2. Stick says:

    You’re hugging a box on the internet!!!!

  3. I can’t wait til you tell everyone what the name of the hoodie is going to be! But it’s not nearly as good as LL Cool J!

  4. Steph says:

    It’s all good, D! That was a good win for Chimmie, and I agree – very emotional. I hate that my hometown will always be associated with that sad day.
    Today should be a good day as well – and how about those starting spots!?

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I do so ‘heart’ LL Cool J….but I’m just not holding out hope that your socks, as finely done as they will be, will be as hot as the real thing….

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