Working Backwards

Waking up with a migraine never bodes well.  It pretty much scrapped any plans I had of getting up and heading out to support friends running the Marine Corps Marathon – the closest I got was tracking their progress online and mentally cheering their managing to successfully slog through 26.2 miles.  I stumbled to my favorite deli for a bagel sandwich and coffee, hoping that would help nip the headache in the bud (it didn’t) then wandered back home for laundry and knitting while watching the Atlanta race.  Ooh.  Aah.  (No folks, you can’t buy a life like mine – you have to earn it.)

Soon after I discovered that I completely forgot to work a cable on the back of my Central Park Hoodie, I had to bolt to catch the Metro to the DC United game.  I performed the emergency surgery on the train while listening to Cast-On for inspiration and between Brenda and I, we muddled through it together.   Did the game thing, did the cheering thing – neither of which helped the pounding in my head – then went home to do the watching-the-end-of-the-race-on-Tivo thing.Fall_1

Saturday: I really should’ve been a more productive member of society on Saturday, but I just
wasn’t.  When I woke, the first thing I saw out of the bleary corner of my eye was this tree outside my bedrooom window.  The shot is much more Saturday Tree than Saturday Sky but I took it anyway.  Afterwards, I went to a Mary Kay party then ran a few errands.  Nothing like roaming the mean streets of Arlington with blush on only one cheek.  Saturday night was good General Tso’s Chicken & shrimp Pad Thai for a birthday outing, then home to – you guessed it – knit.

Friday: In honor of the coming marathon, we went to a huge dinner in Falls Church.  I needed all those carbs to…uh…well, I just needed them, okay?!  By far, the most disturbing order was the Italian Combo, which consisted of…well, we’re not entirely sure.  It was a big bowl of stuff topped with spaghetti and a melted blanket of cheese.  I’m fairly certain I didn’t get a lot of knitting done that night because all of the blood had rushed to my stomach to deal with breaking down my Chicken Parmesan.  Matter of fact, I’m fairly certain I fell asleep mid-stitch while watching Mythbusters.

Could I sound like a bigger geek?  Quite possibly, but you’ll just have to wait and see.


3 thoughts on “Working Backwards

  1. meg says:

    hope you’re feeling better. you CPH is starting to look great.

  2. Ann says:

    Ooof, migraines suck. Did you consider that the chinese food caused it? I had to give up takeout from my favorite place — the MSG always made my next day hell.
    By the way, “stuffed topped with spaghetti” is a hysterical dinner.

  3. LauraRN says:

    Hope the head’s better. The tree picture is lovely– and I must say that not being around The District on Sunday was a good thing. I luckily ignored the predicted closing time of the Key Bridge, and took the 14th St Bridge into the city to get to work on Sunday morning. As I was significantly downtown, they announced on the radio that the Key had closed almost an hour early. The traffic gods smiled at me on my way to work!!!

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