How the Grinch Stole Halloween

I am not even going to attempt to write this entry in verse, so fuggetabout it.

I’ve had a distinctly anti-Halloween-y couple of days.  No parties, no costumes – I didn’t even go stock up on candy to "forget" to hand out so I’d have tons of leftover fun size Snickers left over for myself.  Matter of fact, EJ and I went out of our ways to avoid being home so we wouldn’t have to deal with urchins on parade.  I’m not a TOTAL grump; it’s just that I had an incident a couple of years ago involving a marauding band of 15-year-old boys who tried to strong-arm me into giving them more candy that the six pieces each I’d already handed out.  Hello?!?  They weren’t even wearing costumes!!!  Unfortunately, this little incident soured me on the whole trick-or-treating thing.  Maybe we just need to put a sign on our porch that says, "You must NOT be this tall to trick-or-treat here."

Pb011436 As with most of my projects, I’ve renamed my Central Park Hoodie.  Although I’m just as inclined to type CPH as an abbreviation, I’ve dubbbed him Belvedere – mostly after Belvedere Castle in Central Park, but Pamela insists on making the Mr. Belvedere connection. Either way, Belvedere it is, and he’s coming along swimmingly.  I started the armhole shaping last night and would’ve made good strides on it tonight, except EJ and I went to check on a new trivia night.  We decided we probably can’t go back to our regular joint due to "ethical reasons."  The new place was fun – we made new friends who sat at our table due to lack of space elsewhere in the bar.

As Wednesday is now Race Update Day, I can discuss my boys.  Jimmie and Chad didn’t quite pull off a win on Sunday, despite starting in the second row.  They did finish 2nd and gain on the points leader and that’s good enough for me.  Next stop – Texas Motor Speedway.  They’ve made a great comeback since the beginning of the Chase; if they manage to get out of Homestead 2nd or 3rd on the year, I’ll consider it a victory.  A bunch of us went to go see Talladega Nights at the Cinema & Drafthouse on Monday and now my big sis REALLY wants to go to a race next year.  I’m already tentatively planning on Darlington in May so we’ll see what the schedule has in store for us.  Maybe we can make LMS happen Memorial Day weekend.


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