The Knitting Police Called

Pb081467They’re revoking my license.  Apparently, when working on an article of clothing, they’re telling you to measure the different pieces for a reason and one shouldn’t, say, round down to the nearest whole number. 

I guess the lesson here is that it’s easier to just fix whatever knitting mistake I’ve made right away, as opposed to my current practice of shoving it into a corner and picking up a new project.  Foul up the gusset of LLCoolJ, toss it in a corner, pick up Belvedere.  Foul up Belvedere, toss in a corner, pick up We Call Them Pirates hat.   I did the provisional cast-on for the hat a couple of weeks ago but never added on the actual project yarn.  Last night, I worked on about an inch of it, just to get Pb081470_1 a feel for it.  Tonight, fortified with Yuengling, I crawled back to the armpit of the hoodie and added the requisite half-inch.  It kept me occupied while I was freaking out during Lost.  WTF?!   I mean SERIOUSLY – no new episodes until February!?!  I guess now I have no excuse to miss late night at the shop.

NASCAR Wednesday:  Try as he might, Chimmie couldn’t quite catch !#$%^&* Tony Stewart, Again, sometimes you just have to take that 2nd place finish, bank the points, and move on.  Kenseth made a decent comeback, but Chimmie had taken over first place in the Chase when the green flag fell due to Kenseth’s starting position.  Next up is Phoenix, and the boys are riding high.  I’m not going to be able to watch the race until I get back from the Cup on Monday afternoon.  I’m not holding out a lot of hope that I won’t hear the result before I get to watch the race, but a girl can dream.


One thought on “The Knitting Police Called

  1. Carolyn says:

    I’ll try not to tell you the race results before you get home, but if we win, you’re going to hear me scream from across the country!

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