Don’t Mess With Texas

Pb111476_1This weekend was MLS Cup in Frisco, TX (just outside of Dallas).  DC United got knocked out by the Revolution last weekend, but there’s always a group of us that goes to the game regardless of whether or not our guys are in it.  I don’t really have anything to say about the game.  It was incidental – I didn’t really care about the results one way or the other, despite Matt Reis‘s parents’ attempts to convert us to supporting their son’s team.   

The only truly touristy thing we did was go to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.   I obviously knew a lot of the story of the assassination, but this trip fleshed out a lot of it.   And seeing the news Pb111481_1 coverage  of how devastated countries around the world were?  With the way everyone seemingly hates the U.S. these days, to see practically the entire world mourning the loss of our leader 40 years ago was just strange.  Ah well, the world was a very different place in ’63.

We did manage to eat our way through town while we were at it.  Nothing really blew me away, although Sonny Bryan’s ribs were quite tasty.  Cozymel’s and La Hacienda Ranch fulfilled our obligatory Tex-Mex dining requirements and we hit the Down Under Pub & Grub after the game yesterday for a bite and to watch the Bears v. Giants Sunday night game.

Pb111487_1I’m anxiously watching the last 30 laps of the Phoenix race before going to bed.  I tried so desperately to maintain radio silence all weekend and not catch any results but this morning I was channel surfing and they were showing Chimmie’s car on ESPN this morning and they mentioned his name last night on the radio.  They only bother bringing your name up for two reasons: either you won the race or something terrible happened to your day.  Although in this case, it could also be his standing in the Chase.  I’m 30 laps from finding out which is of those statements is accurate.


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