La Isla Bonita It Ain’t

In addition to a snappy marching band song in the late 80’s, La Isla Bonita is what I short-sightedly envisioned my trip to Sleeve Island to be.  I handily finished the right front of Belvedere and immediately cast on my first sleeve.  Cruised along with very few problems – heck, I even remembered to jot down notes about what changes I made at what row number.  Last night, I merrily decreased my way through Friday Night Lights and 3 lbs (Hello yummy no-face-recognition guy!) then got to my bind-off row and counted stitches.  Why was my stitch count off?  So, off the sleeve and I went to the Ti(n)ki bar; I left it there all day today, ripped back when I got home and VOILA!  We have sleevage!


Anyone else feel lost without Lost on Wednesday nights?Pb301572_1

I reached a tough decision this afternoon – I’ve decided I don’t like my Lorna’s Laces Seaside for  my Jaywalkers.  I love the yarn and the pattern is fine, but I’m not loving them together.  I don’t know if it’s because the stripes are too thin or what exactly it might be, but I think I’m going to frog it tomorrow night.  Note the nifty cardboard box of goodies from – it’s my annual holiday box from my NASCAR mentor.  Under normal circumstances, I’d gladly wait until the holiday season to open my package, but apparently there are championship goodies in there and I need to see what she got so I don’t order the same thing. 

Went to our November Cheap Eats dinner tonight in Falls Church.  For those who don’t know, I have a group of friends who try to go out more-or-less monthly to try to find new, inexpensive places to grab dinner.  This month was Elevation Burger, an organic hamburger joint.  The burger and fries were tasty, even though we had to BYOB (bacon, in this case).  I’m sure we’ll head back at some point in time.

Obligatory picture of my boy:



2 thoughts on “La Isla Bonita It Ain’t

  1. Anonymous says:

    -immie is a handsome one! Elevation Burger was good, but I was starving by ~11 o’clock, but I think that’s just me. Or the lack of chemicals in the food.

  2. Stick says:

    HI JIMMIE!!!!
    awesome sleeve… you’re getting awfully close to having to SEW IT UP!!!

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