Monday, I Could Wait ’til Tuesday…

…but then I’d be even further behind in my blog posts.  I go through long periods of nothing happening in mi vida loca, and then all of a sudden a bunch of stuff piles up at once.  I’ll try to filter for the marginally interesting stuff.

Saturday night was my first holiday party of the season.  Actually, I was invited to two but could sadly only make one (sorry, E!).  Jeff didn’t hold his holiday party last year so I HAD to attend this year and despite it being a minor mob scene for a couple of hours, I’m extremely glad I went.  I have no pictures of anyone in their holiday finest, because my camera was tucked away upstairs.  This is probably for the best, seeing as the wine was flowing (I had a terribly unproductive Sunday afternoon to prove it).

Pc111652 In disgusting sporting news, I went to the Caps game tonight.  How in the world does one blow a 4-0 lead?!  How?!?!?  Add to that that my precious Jimmie Johnson managed to break his wrist FALLING OUT OF A GOLF CART this weekend.  I mean seriously – Jimmie, I love you and all, but a golf cart?!  That’s the type of injury I would give myself, so I have no problems laughing at him whatsoever.  Anyway, no IROC for him, but at least it’s during the off season – he should be ready to go come Daytona testing.

I managed to finish Belvedere’s 2nd sleeve and started seaming the shoulders to prepare for adding the hood.   I decided the Raindrop Lace sock wasn’t working with this yarn so I cast on the Diagonal Rib sock.  I’m still having trouble seeing the pattern; maybe this stuff just wants to be a st st sock.

The rest of this week is particularly busy.  Cheap Eats and CookieFest 06 tomorrow night, SE happy hour Wednesday, office party and dinner Thursday and NYE planning shindig on Friday.  Think the boss-lady will notice me blogging at work?


4 thoughts on “Monday, I Could Wait ’til Tuesday…

  1. meg says:

    whoa! you’ve got a busy week. can’t wait to see belvedere all finished up. i am so ready to start back on my cph but still have to finish the christmas knitting.
    enjoy your festive week. sounds like a lot of good times!

  2. Carolyn says:

    OOH – Cookie Fest! I really must move back home!
    Sad Stick

  3. Lolly says:

    Sorry I missed you at the game – maybe we should coordinate next time! Then again, would you be embarrased to be seen with me – in my Penguins gear? 🙂
    It was a crazy game – the Caps played well though. Ovechkin is awesome.

  4. meg says:

    thanks for your comments about my kitty. i love thinking about her curled up on a lap somewhere, purring away. 🙂

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