Where Was I?


A little wine, a little yarn…must be late night!

Despite telling Hol there was a good chance I wouldn’t be there, I decided to swing by and drop off her muchly-belated Christmas present last night.  I also got started on the brim of my hat for HeadGames, the head-warming answer to Sock Wars.  After working on it for a couple of hours, I’m firmly under the impression that I’ll be dead by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest (I’m giving myself an extra day since Monday is a holiday).P1111919

In other news, for the first time since pre-vacation, I managed to find my way back to the gym.*   No, the place didn’t collapse when I walked through the door and shockingly, I was even able to get on an elliptical.  The 4500 strides in a half-hour definitely pushes my daily steps over the 10,000 step mark, but I think I average around 8K.  It’s probably high for the average, but that’s likely because I have no car and I do a lot of wandering about town.  I’m sure I’ll fall off the attempting-to-be-healthier wagon sooner rather than later, but for now I’m just enjoying the ride.

On her blog today, Erin posed the question, "Where are your wanderlust destinations? In the comments or on your own blog, I’d like to see where it is that you long to travel."  In no particular order:

  • London, England – I’ll go back anytime.  Heck, the whole of the UK, really.
  • Rome, Florence, Venice – that was the original dream trip of ’06, then 2008.  Looks likeTower_bridge it’s pushed back to ’10 now.
  • Australia – reunion of sorts in Perth is scheduled for March, 2008; with any luck, I’ll be able to hit Sydney and Melbourne for a couple of weeks afterward
  • Toronto – the home of the Harlot and the soon-to-be-home of my friend Michelle.  Maybe I’ll get to visit later this year.
  • Alaska – I’d just love to visit sometime; I don’t know why
  • Scandinavia – why not? Here, Prince Frederik…
  • Oregon – just because I hear it’s beautiful
  • Vancouver – same as above
  • Greece – the whole ancient civilization thang
  • Wyoming & Montana – that whole Glacier/Yellowstone National Park thing.  My dad used to work at Yellowstone so I’d love to see what I’ve heard so much about
  • Places I have friends tucked away that I’d like to visit (again) someday: Seattle-Tacoma; Sacramento; Denver; Austin; Savannah; Chicago

* Gym moment du jour – grinning at the semi-cute guy who almost fell off the elliptical while he was laughing at The Daily Show


2 thoughts on “Where Was I?

  1. Erin says:

    I love your list!! Watch out about Montana, though, I have contracted food poisoning every time I’ve been there (no kidding!!). I love reading everyone’s wanderlust locations 🙂

  2. meg says:

    all of your locations sound so great. i want to go to greece so badly, and italy and vancouver, oregon, etc… but if i had my druthers it would so be greece first.
    good job at the gym. you’re rocking the distances!

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