Band of Buttons

P1290227_1I managed to knit up both of the button bands for Belvedere, but I’m still not holding out any hope for the magical power of blocking.  Maybe it can be a present for Ma somewhere down the line.  I’ll try the whole blocking thing tomorrow after work.

It’s been a heck of a weekend here at Chateau Garfield.  Is there an emoticon for "dripping with sarcasm"?  No?  Okay.  Friday night I took a big swing at cleaning the evil room.  I had to rearrange some furniture to open up access to my heating vent (now that winter has finally decided to rear its blustery head.  Two trash bags, Goodwill and library piles, 2 loads of laundry and a broken picture frame later it still doesn’t look like I’ve done a thing.   I ran out of steam early yesterday afternoon which is why it’s still in a state of disarray.  I have to shred oodles of junk mail and do a few more loads of laundry, but by the time I recruit EJ to help paint my room in the spring, it should almost be clean.  Ish.P1280225_1

Speaking of EJ, we spent a lazy Sunday afternoon watching cheesy movies, snacking on chips  and furiously knitting.  As usual, I was overly ambitious and took Belvedere and a sock and yarn to start Banff – how long did I think I was going to be there?  Did I think I was going to get snowed in and needed enough yarn until I was rescued?

I’ve rediscovered my addition to the Travel Channel this weekend.  They had a lot of coverage of the National Park system – I wouldn’t mind swinging through Glacier or Olympic National Parks.  Basically I want to just be able to go AWAY!  I’m trying to save up for Australia, but I don’t want to not go ANYWHERE for 14 months.  No, Columbus does P1270212 not count as an exotic getaway, particularly in February.

I barely left the house yesterday, but when I did set foot outside, I did manage to snap a picture of the sky.  It was actually quite a bit nicer outside yesterday than I thought it was.  Today (or tonight, rather) leaves much to be desired.  The gusting wind has the potential to keep me up tonight.


2 thoughts on “Band of Buttons

  1. Carolina says:

    LOL! That’s exactly how I felt this weekend while cleaning up the house. It never ends! I gave up mid-way Saturday and spent the rest of the day being a geek.

  2. LauraRN says:

    Nice sky- nice sock- and y’know what? The Today Show said today that organization is overrated. When in doubt, knit instead.

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