A Knitter Without a Scarf…

…is a FREAKIN’ MORON!!!  I guess I thought my coat would zip up and cover my face on my trek to the Metro this morning, but alas, nuh-uh!   8 degree wind chill is nothing to be trifled with, my friends.  Just a little public service announcement from me to you.

I also recently discovered that Sunday, February 4 is International Pajama Day.  While normally this is an event that I am more than happy to embrace, fuzzy leopard print jammies and all, I find it difficult to reconcile observing this most worthy of holidays with the Super Bowl party I’m slated to attend.  Whereas I feel the hosts would take one look at my matching leopard print pajama pants and fuzzy slippers and appreciate my keen fashion sense, there may be folks there who haven’t already been exposed to my special blend of quirky charm and social awkwardness, so I’m going to have to think about it.  Maybe I’ll just wear the slippers as a token nod to the pajama gods.  We’ll see.

P1290237P1290233_1Today is Blocking Day #1.  Aside from creating stinky wool (aka "sodden  mess") I’m not sure this particular exercise will have the desired result but I sure can try.  Note to self: next time I decide to try this whole wet blocking experiment, block the pieces BEFORE assembly.  I guess that’s one of those pesky ‘read through all instructions before jumping in with both feet’ hindsight moments.  As we speak, Belvedere is pinned to a papasan chair cushion, hopefully exhibiting its magical stretching powers.

P1290244_1 I’m almost done with sock #1 of random cranberry toe up garter stitchy weirdness.  You know, the pesky sock that I tried 3 different patterns on the leg and none of them blew my skirt up?  I finally decided to go with the garter rib and so far so good.  I didn’t have any particular length in mind, figured I’d just work until I ran out of yarn, but it’s currently a good 6" above the heel and I still have an ounce of yarn left.  I’m thinking I’ll wrap it up in an inch or so, and that’ll be that.  Of course, it’ll be a while before I cast on for ye olde second sock because by then Project Spectrum will have started and I’mP1290242_2  planning on working on the Here There Be Dragon socks in Mama-E’s June Bug.

Last, but not least: she’s dead Jim.   

I love this hat – it’s the perfect fit and color.  And Pooky is the perfect model.  Thanks, Krissy!


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