Fantabulous February


This month is host to all sorts of craziness: Project Spectrum begins; Tom marries; Steph celebrates  another birthday; NASCAR starts up again (10 days!); and I get to redeem my  birthday present from big sis – great tickets to a Caps game.   February also scores one in the so-far, so-good category in the unofficial New Years Resolution category.  Despite taking a week off for slackerdom, I managed to lose 3 pounds in the second half of the month.  W’HOO!  I’ve been cooking a lot more – like this ENORMOUS piece of tilapia for a recipe from Cooking Light.  I need to come up with little rewards for myself to mark off the increments in order to keep me motivated.  If all I focus on is THE BIG NUMBER that I have to lose altogheter, I’m going to get discouraged quite easily.  Any ideas for little rewards along the way to keep me motivated?

P2010280_2Project Spectrum 2.0 kicked off today and I jumped in with both feet.  The cranberry socks went on hold and I cast on for the Here There Be Dragons socks, henceforth known as Elliot (of Pete’s Dragon fame).  I’m working it in Mama-E’s June Bug – which I LOVE so far.  It was a little splitty at first, but now we’ve gotten used to each other.  It took me a while to pick up the twisted German cast-on but through the magic of YouTube (no hair was cut in the casting on of this sock), I caught an instructional video I got it cast on and worked through a little over a pattern repeat, before I put it down to pick up…

Banff.   I knit this sweater in its entirety almost two years ago.  Then IP2010276 started to seam it.  Then I  realized that not even I was that large.  I’m unseaming as I need more yarn to work, but as it is, I have plenty to get me through the next couple of days.  So far, I have the several inches of rib for one of the sleeves done.  It wasn’t until this very moment that I realized I cast on a sleeve instead of the back.  D’OH!  Oh well, I have to knit sleeves at some point – no harm in starting with one of them first.  Let’s just keep this our little secret, eh?

Both of these projects conventiently fall into the February/March color palette (and sadly, neither of them photographs particularly well.  I could link to Mama-E’s website so you could see her JuneBug photo but the colors in my hank are far more subtle.   And my Banff is a squishy bulky weight charcoal grey that should knit up in a jiffy. 

I can’t believe I just said jiffy.  It’s clearly time to go to bed.


4 thoughts on “Fantabulous February

  1. Jeanne B. says:

    Using the word “jiffy” is soon followed by knitting odd items such as dog sweaters that make the dog resemble a lion. If I were you, I’d hit the hay! LOL!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I loved Pete’s Dragon! I had the record.

  3. MelyssaF says:

    Yay you! 3lbs is excellent! Rewards are easy: for every 5lbs, a skein of something fun at the clubhouse. (no, wait, that could get expensive!) Maybe a mani-pedi?
    I love Pete’s Dragon too! 🙂

  4. LauraRN says:

    And now you need to work in the word “swell”. It’s one of my favorites.
    And congrats on your 3 lbs!!

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