Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

I’m one of those people who needs all four seasons.  When asked what my favorite season is, I’ve been known to go into a daze trying to determine what I love the most:  snow falling on a lazy Sunday afternoon while I’m bundled up inside; the first tender shoots of grass emerging to stretch for the sky; that one brilliant red-leafed tree that shows off its colors against the backdrop of its duller-hued neighbors; or warm summer days that make you long for the beach (or at least a rooftop bar and a cold drink).  To me, my enjoyment of each depends on the one preceding it.   Would the cooler September evenings feel as wonderful if you weren’t emerging from a sweltering August?  Would you enjoy that first 60-degree spring day if not for the month of temperatures topping out in the 40s?  I know a lot of people can – and do – but I’m not one of them.

However, don’t think for a SECOND that I’m not going to grouse about how cold my nose was this morning on my schlep to the gym.  Yes, I crawled out of my warm bed to schlep the third of a mile to the gym.  It took about half of my workout to warm up, but I went and that’s what matters.   Of course, all it took was recalling what I mindlessly ate at the Super Bowl party I went to last weekend to motivate me out of bed, but that’s neither here nor there.  I’d better learn to love exercise, because I clearly have issues with food (and all its salty, fat-laden yumminess – more chips?).

Speaking of noshing, after my raid on the library’s stash of books on Australia last weekend, I swung by the new Rendezvous Cafe on Wilson Blvd.  I only had a cup of coffee – trying to be good – but I’ll definitely go back.  Not only do they have crepes, but they also have Croque Madame.  Le SQUEE!!!  Brunch anyone?

P2060339_5 Tonight I maintained my streak of jinxing the Caps (sorry girls!).  I don’t know why they’re not showing me any love this year, but clearly our chemistry is off.  Holly was sure that her undefeated streak would trump my perpetually-defeated streak; clearly she doesn’t know me – or the sway I hold over sports teams – very well.  I’ll get to test my theory again in a couple of weeks when BigSis takes me for my birthday.  I hope my curse will release its hold on the team, but if it doesn’t, at least we’ll get to fight over Olie up close and personal.  I wonder if she’ll let me have Slimer.

  P2060341  P2060346_1  P2060350_1

When we left the Verizon Center, we were greeted with flurries which got progressively more frenzied as we Metro’d home.   After nearly wiping out on the train platform, we did some slipping and sliding in the car on the way home.  It started too early to give us a fighting chance at the day off work, but I am taking tomorrow off from the gym.  My throat’s getting scratchy so I’m sure it’s for the best.

I’ll scrape together a knitting update tomorrow – I’m wiped.


4 thoughts on “Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

  1. Ann says:

    I’m totally with you on loving each of the seasons — I could never live somewhere without the bitter cold and the great changes of fall and spring. But August in Washington? I could do without that……
    totally impressed at you hitting the gym! go girl!

  2. meg says:

    ahh, to have all four seasons. what a dream.
    want summer? we’ve got your summer. nice, hot, and sunny. always a good day for a nice cold one though 😉

  3. Sis says:

    um…you’ll never have olie. i’m your big sister and i say so. we can agree that croque madame rocks, though.

  4. LauraRN says:

    Me too!! I was so jazzed when I woke up this morning that I could hardly stand it. And I was tres pissed that I couldn’t go out and play.

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