Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

Many of you have heard me whining (okay, bitching) about having to go back to Columbus this weekend for a wedding.  Someone I consider to be one of my bestest friends in the world has caved in to his girlfriend/fiancee and they’re getting married this President’s Day weekend.  Actually, they’re getting married tomorrow.  Friday.  Of my three-day weekend.  Oh no – there are no other wedding-related activities the rest of the weekend to necessitate staying in Columbus for the next 3 days, just the wedding.  Of course, I’m flying back Saturday evening.  At least that way I’ll be able to salvage some of my three-day weekend.

Statehouse_1 I have a lot of time to kill tomorrow between the time that my flight arrives and when I can check into my hotel.  [Yes, I’m staying in a hotel.  Going in under the radar and dodging the ‘rents.  I’m a bad daughter.]  I’m trying to avoid renting a car, so I figured I’d just play tourist for a few hours.  The notion of playing tourist in a town where I grew up appeals to me greatly but I don’t know where to start.  My destinations need to be fairly close to my hotel (which in the heart of downtown.  Shut up, Columbus does TOO have a downtown!).  I haven’t been to COSI in years, probably since my elementary school days, but I’m not sure it would hold the same appeal.  All I really remember about it is the huge pendulum that used to stand in the lobby of the old facility.   There’s also the Columbus MuseumHaus9 of Art, which I also last visited on a school field trip.  German Village and the Short North districts would also be good places to visit, but they’re both sort of outdoors, meander-down-the-street-and-poke-your-head-into-shops kinds of places which would be okay in warmer weather, but not when the forecast noon temperature is 14 degrees (0 wind chill).  Regardless, I may have to swing by Schmidt’s for a cream puff.  They’re legendary!

Immie_2 In addition to trying to salvage my 3-day weekend, I’m coming back early because the Daytona 500 is on Sunday – W’HOO!  Despite the decimation of the ranks of crew chiefs this week (Chad escaped this time around), I can’t wait for racing to start again.  Despite there being a larger television at my parents’ place, I just couldn’t bear to watch sans Trackpass (although I hope they’ve taken care of  got that delay taken care of – the Bud Shootout was BRUTAL).  The Duels are this afternoon so hopefully it’ll be up and running.  Next week will also mark the return of delayed gratification, where I try my hardest to not report anything about the race until 48 hours have passed in case TKN hasn’t had a chance to catch the race yet.

I really do revel in my geekness.  Geekitude?  Geekocity?  Whatev.

Although Thursdays are supposed to be my days off from the gym, I gave myself a breather yesterday instead.  Mostly because we got a couple of inches of nasty sleet/freezing rain blech overnight Tuesday/Wednesday, but also because I managed to tweak something in my back and I wanted to give it a rest.  After some quality heating pad time for the last couple of days, I returned to the gym this morning and just did a half-hour on the treadmill.  I have moderate hopes of being able to go both tomorrow and Saturday at my hotel’s gym, but that depends on whether I can check into my room before 3:00 pm and if there’s an open bar at the reception.  Hey, at least I’m a realist.


2 thoughts on “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you go to COSI, then you also have to go the Wendy’s across the street (it was the 1st one or something?). Then, oh English Major, James Thurber’s house isn’t too far from there. (Which would be the only tourist spot I’ve ever been to in Columbus. But, yes! The hotel was downtown.)

  2. Steph says:

    TKN has watched the race! Stupid wrecks. Clint Bowyer used up three lives, I think.

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