Prez’s Day Weekend

I’m glad this weekend is over if for no other reason thanI will no longer have to hear the hip-hopped version of "Hail to the Chief" every time the Chevy President’s Day weekend sale commercial comes on.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I saw it during the race yesterday.

P2160444This past weekend was my 36-hour schlep to Columbus to attend T&S’s nuptuals.  My flight to Columbus was largely uneventful, aside from the 2.5 hour delay.   While mildly irritating (since I’d only gotten three and a half hours of sleep the night before) by and large, the travel glitch didn’t bother me.  I had knitting, I had sudoku, I had my iPod, and I had people-watching.  The delay did upset my plans to play tourist though.  I ended up unable to visit neither the art museum nor take a tour of the State House.  I did get a chance to take several photos of statues on the grounds though.  Oh, and by the way?  FREEZING! 

P2160483   P2160481_1   P2160486   P2160454_1
1. Statue of Christopher Columbus at State House 2. Ohio State House 3. Riffe Center 4. Sculpture outside of Courthouse annex.

After running around all day taking pretty pictures – and chatting with my new friend, Tim the security guard – I dashed back to my hotel to get ready for the wedding.  The rest of the day was a bit of a blur: bad, but mercifully quick, taxi ride to the ceremony; quick hug from the best man as he was dashing to the back room to have drinks with his brother, the groom, before the ceremony; the other Kenyon attendee being a no-show because he missed his flight; excellent food; bad music; and way, way, WAY too much alcohol.

Saturday morning I was glad I stole my glass of water from the bar and I guzzled it before  crawling out of bed and donning my workout clothes and heading to the fitness center.  Um.  P2170512_2 Sort of.  The fitness center left a lot to be desire, like, for example, workout equipment.  Of the two Stairmasters, treadmill and exercise bike, only oneP2170517 of the Stairmasters worked and the thermostat was set to approximately 82  degrees.  I mastered the stairs as long as I could stand – about 10 minutes – and then I had to cave in and go back to my room.  Instead, I spent the afternoon wandering  through German Village where I popped into Metroscap to browse and Schmidt’s Sausage Haus for a cream puff.  Frankly, they add just enough puff to keep the cream from oozing everywhere. 

I had wandered over to Metroscap on Friday when I got to town, but they were out to lunch so I Leveldidn’t get a chance to check out the showroom.  The photographer’s dad was in on Saturday and
we talked FOREVER, just about different shots on the walls and where Jason was planning on shooting next, all kinds of stuff.  My intention had been to reward myself with four of these photos for each 25 lbs I lose (stop laughing!) but I couldn’t resist this shot of my hometown while I was there.  These are the other three that I eventually want to pick up, although there are several more I wouldn’t mind having.   


4 thoughts on “Prez’s Day Weekend

  1. Stick Knits says:

    Is it OK to talk about the race yet? I can’t imagine you’d be spoiling anything, the finish was all over the media!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I got here! If only to figure out which sweater is behaving badly! I think that you definitely deserve a treat for being such a diligent gym-bunny. It has to start somewhere!

  3. MelyssaF says:

    Go you! 10 minutes on the stairmaster deserves a cream puff. or something. 😉
    Absolutely LOVE the Wash Monument pic. Glad you got back safe and sound.

  4. Li_B says:

    I’m with you on the preference for more cream than puff. Even better is custard instead of cream. Oh yum, I’d better get something healthy going for dinner since I gave in and ate three mini cinnabon buns at a meeting today.

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