To Knit, Perchance to Blog

Much to Holly and Joan’s chagrin, yesterday I maintained my perfect record of jinxing the Capitals in their game v. the Devils.  In my rather warped perception of the universe, I feel as though somehow I sacrificed all of my other sports teams so that Chimmie could win the championship last year.  The Caps, Buckeyes and Bears all had to take one for the team – sorry, y’all!   BigSis got us EXCELLENT tickets for the game and she was extremely tolerant of my ignorant hockey questions.  I don’t think I’m going to be allowed to go to any more games until next season though.

This weekend was also the annual meeting for the DC United supporters’ club, the Screaming Eagles (there are other clubs; this is just the one I belong to).  Back when MLS started, I couldn’t pay anyone to go to games with me, so I paid the club instead.  Saturday was a chance to get together with friends, a lot of whom I hadn’t seen since the roadtrip to Dallas for the Cup.  The new head coach showed up to give us a mini-rundown on the coming season, I renewed my membership for the new year, then we all dashed off to Continental for drinks. Knitting

The past few days have not been without knitting.  I finished up the first Elliott and am working
on the raglan decreases for Banff.   I really love the yarn and pattern for Elliott, but my cuff-down socks always have deformed-looking toes.  They’re kind of trapezoidal.  Oh well, that’s the part that’s stuffed in my shoes, no? 

I just realized that it’s been nearly a month and I haven’t posted any Project Spectrum pics.  Lolly did a great job choosing the colors for this first round, because February has been nothing if not blue, white and grey. 


Decidedly heavy on the grey; I’ll have to search out more blue.  I’m trying to think if I have any blue yarn in stash and the only blue I can think of is the leftover Cherry Tree Hill from my Hippo socks and I think I was gifted some other blue CTH.  And of course there’s my Green Gable which needs to be frogged and reknit or turned into something else.  That’s a UFO for another day.

3 thoughts on “To Knit, Perchance to Blog

  1. meg says:

    sounds like you had a great weekend. the badger’s almost had it yesterday. even though it was a loss for them it was a great game to watch. so close!!

  2. LauraRN says:

    Oh, those toes. Mine get a bit wonky from top-down, too. Makekes a case for toe-up, huh?

  3. BigSis says:

    so sad for the badgers. i guess i have to say congrats to OSU. you can come to more hockey – i’m determined to break the streak. 🙂

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