DST Can Bite Me

Computer hell as Outlook randomly rearranges meetings on calendars.  The return to crawling out of bed to pre-dawn mornings to trudge to the gym.  I am not amused.  Sure it’s light later in the evening, but that doesn’t help me get out of bed at 6:00 a.m.  The gym has been…going.  I’m still shakier on the eating than I am the working out but I’m still averaging 5 days a week and plugging away.  Tomorrow it’s me v. the scale so we’ll see.

I’ve been a busy girl.  Last week I went to see Cats with a small group of friends.  It was…interesting.  The costumes were great and the songs were okay and the woman who was Grizabella sang the hell out of "Memory" but all in all I wasn’t blown away.  I think I need a little more plot to my musicals.  Hopefully I’ll get to see Phantom when it’s here this summer and then I can finally scratch off the last of the musicals that everyone else saw 20 years ago.

The fact that I made it through the first 6 weeks of Project Spectrum with relative project fidelity is aSkein
bit of a minor miracle, but I am officially bored.  Banff is being persnickity – stockinette that won’t stay on gauge?  Excellent!   I’m almost at the beginning of the heel of my 2nd Elliott sock and remembering all the trouble the first one gave me is not encouraging me to plow ahead with the second.  So, I’ve cast on Hourglass (from Last Minute Knitted Gifts) with my Brooks Farm Four Play from last year’s MDSW.  I figured maybe I should use an ounce of the yarn I got last year before I turn around and spend more this year [oh wait, my Dublin Bay socks were made with the Spirit Trail sock yarn I got last year; I’m totally off the hook!].  It’s slow going (gauge issues – shocking!), but I like the yarn so far.  Congrats_1

Last weekend BigSis came over and I introduced her to the geeky world of watching a race with
access to Chimmie’s scanner transmissions.  Despite the 30-second time lapse, I can’t imagine watching a race without it.  ESPECIALLY since I would’ve missed J exclaiming about his three-peat at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Good job boys!  I think it was Chimmie’s 24th win and the 150th for HMS.  Of course, since my guys can’t do anything without being called cheaters, there was a pit-road/tire incident blah blah blah, but all’s well that ends so I’ll take the bump up to Robin_1
4th in points and just head to Atlanta.

I also managed to finally get 2 of my RoundRobin projects into the mail to Y this week.  A little Nautie, a little Dangly and all’s right with the world.  Well, sort of.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the Express last week that STILL makes me giggle.

"Choosing clothes to complement clear acrylic heels depends on the type of heel.  ‘A Lucite high heel, you can wear it with anything – capri pants, a sundress, a little skirt.  it gives you that transparency and modernity,’ said Atwood, also the creative director at Bally. ‘You get a touch of high tech without being obviously high tech.’"

Now, is it just me, or does everyone who hears the phrase "clear acrylic heel" immediately think stripper?*

*My apologies to any strippers reading or any of my non-stripping, Lucite-high-heeled wearing friends


6 thoughts on “DST Can Bite Me

  1. Lucite heels make me think of Mariah Carey. We found a pair in DSW once and Val strutted around wearing them, it was highly amusing. 🙂
    Yay Chimmie!

  2. meg says:

    i love the brooks farm. love it. i have 3 skeins of four play and am still unsure of what i’ll make with it. i’ve felt other FO’s with it and they were divine.
    good for you on the gym deal. i’ve been to ww’s for about 5 weeks and am losing really well but dammit if i’m not totally avoiding getting back in the gym.
    and the lucite. i swear my mom (wholesome, southern, school teacher) had a pair of slip on clear heels when i was a child and i still think about how badly i wanted those. now, i must admit i call them stripper shoes.

  3. Erin says:

    Have you heard the Chris Rock comedy piece on clear heels? He asks the audience to ponder the question “When did clear heels become the official uniform of whores?” It makes a girl wonder …

  4. LauraRN says:

    Great to see you tonight. Hmmm– clear heels. Hmmm… Context of those who wear them aside, they HAVE to be uncomfortable.
    And good going on the gym. You are an inspiration. Now, if I could only be inspired….

  5. Stick Knits says:

    Anyone who’s been to Honolulu can tell you Lucite Heels are the Official Shoe of Honolulu Hookers. We think it’s part of their Union Code.

  6. Jessica says:

    Hello! I started a new Hourglass KAL. 🙂

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