I only gained three pounds in the last two weeks.  I thought it was going to be at LEAST five.  I spent last week being pretty lazy and unmotivated (but still managed to hit the gym four times), but this week I’ve been wallowing upon my deathbed, scarfing down so-called "comfort food" the moment it came within reach of my tentacles.  Since the last time I checked, Soft Batch cookies weren’t rockin’ on the nutritional and/or medicinal value front, I’ll take my three pounds and be done with it.

My soccer boys – DC United – play their home opener tonight at RFK.  Of course, it’s supposed to rain and, of course, I’m going anyway.  I will likely wuss out and hide under the eaves on the 300 level rather than mingle with the riff-raff in my usual waterlogged seats.  We’ll see how I’m feeling.

I’mDrip2_3 currently obsessed with the Take a Class with Dave & Dave Decisions2_2group on Flickr.   It’s kind of like a weekly photography scavenger hunt.  Unfortuntely last week was my first week, so I wasn’t in a terribly good place to be creative with the themes of mirror/reflection, frozen time & dance.    I find that I can be okay with framing shots, but I’m not particularly good at creative interpretation of others’ ideas.  We’ll see how I do with this week’s themes: square foot, sky & "abstract".  Hopefully I can find a shot at the game tonight that will work for one of them.

Knitting has been sporadic at best.  I haven’t picked up the Writhe socks all week and have been fairly devoted to my Hourglass.  I finished the first sleeve and cast on the main body.  I’m just a smidgen above the turning ridge but it’s rolling along.  I think I’ll work on Writhe today b/c with NASCAR back tomorrow, it’ll be the perfect time for brainless round-and-round knitting.  I’d show you a picture of the body, but it’s just a weird three-inch wide terra cotta ruffle and not particularly exciting.  Deal with it.


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