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A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned joining a Flickr group that was sort of an online photography scavenger hunt of sorts.  I thought it would be a good way to learn to use my camera, get some feedback, maybe even garner a little praise if I was lucky.

Apparently I’m not that lucky.  I’ve found myself struggling mightily with the assignments; this week’s include high key, "visual joke or pun" and hometown postcard.  Living in the Metro D.C. area makes the last one clearly the easiest, but I’m completely stumped on the other two.  I’m thinking of ‘dropping’ the class until after I take some time to take a real photography class and pick up some pointers on focus, aperture, depth of field, and all of those other photography terms that mean something to folks other than me, but I’m reluctant to because they’ve recently stopped accepting new members to the group.  On one hand I feel like I have to suck it up and muddle through, but on the other, I find myself getting a bit frustrated wtih with I feel is my inadequacy when I compare my shots to others’.

The Road Traveled    Determination

Day 92 - Blossoms in Bloom    Day 96 - What are you looking at?

There are a couple of different beginner photography Flickr groups that I may be better suited for.  On one hand, I feel like I’m wussing out of a challenge after very little time and on the other, I’m just not sure I have the skills yet to do what seems to be required.  We’ll see.

On the health front, for the first time in two weeks I am finally able to breathe without hacking up a lung (for the most part) so I have no excuse for not making it back to the gym.  More than that, I’ve let not going to the gym influence my eating habits which have backslid tremendously.  I think I may have to go back on the french fry bandwagon and I certainly have to start bringing lunch again.  I’ve been summoned to my LYS for late night tomorrow but I know my gym buddy wants to go to a class Thursday night, so we’ll see if I can get my act together.

Speaking of getting one’s act together, my boys have gone TWO whole races without winning.  Come on  now!  Although, I should clarify, Phoenix’s 4th place finish feathering a wonky alternator/battery situation v. dropping a cylinder and running smack into @#%#@!^% Tony Stewart and finishing near the back of the field isn’t exactly the same thing.  The Texas result really hurt us; we’re sitting in fourth but well back from a third-place Kenseth (sorry, RWR, but I’m gonna have to start wishing ill for Matty).  This weekend is ‘Dega and as long as we stay away from Vickers, we should be okay.


One thought on “Flickr Bicker

  1. meg says:

    dani, i think those are great shots. all of them came out wonderfully. i love how you framed the third one with the flowers. my thoughts are to keep trying while joining the beginner groups. if it continues to be too much of a challenge then maybe consider stopping that one for a while. i wouldn’t give up yet, its early still and either way a learning process. challenges are the best way to go about it.
    glad to hear you are getting better, i got sick on my trip to boston (besides the great game we saw, a total and complete disaster vacation). actually, i woke up on my birthday sick. fun times. i hope i can heal quickly and get myself into the gym, too.

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