MSWF: Part I

I need another weekend to recover from the last one.  The chaos and confusion that is the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival was neatly bookeded by DC United games on Thursday and Sunday.  DCU managed to dig out their first point of the season against the Revs on Thursday night (finally!!!) and followed it up with a win versus Chivas.  Not only that, but despite wearing the formerly-jinxed navy and yellow 48 cap on Saturday, Jimmie took the checkered flag in the rain-delayed Richmond race.  Happy sports weekend for all.

A very sleep-deprived Holly picked me up at o’dark-thirty Saturday morning and we headed to the wilds of Maryland after a brief but critical pit stop at our friendly neighborhood Starbucks.  After a brief giggle-fit caused by my nearly opening my car door in the middle of the TR Bridge with the strap from my mega yarn-toting bag, we got to the Howard County Fairgrounds with no further mishaps.   

We had barely gotten out of the car when we bumped into our first friendly faces, Erin and PJ.  We continued on our trek towards the pearly fairground gates, after admiring/critiquing a bumper sticker we found in the parking lot.  As we got closer to the gates, we saw more friendly faces.  Well, to be honest, we saw Ann‘s face – Elspeth and Maeve were sprinting for the Cormo booth.  We were barely inside the gates when Erin took off, leaving her hubby literally in the dust, and Holly and I peeled off for the Fold.  On our mad dash to Barn 3 to get into line for STR, we ran into the first of P5050128_2many friends at Tess’s Designer Yarns.  We could barely spot Michelle behind her armload of goodies, and although Erika and Rossana were slightly more restrained, they weren’t exactly empty-handed.

The Fold was actually our first stop of the day were we eagerly got in line to wait our shot at the STR.  Holly did a little shopping in line, as people waiting in line #2 to pay reviewed their selections and made painful discarding decisions.   I did the same when I got in line with my clutch of six skeins, before narrowing it down to four.  I’m pretty happy with my selections.  The semi-solids are In the Navy and Fred Flintstone, and the beautiful multi-colored skeins are Crazy Lace Agate and Carbon Dating.

2007_05070229     2007_05070236 

Next, I insisted on a side trip to Brooks Farm.  Holly showed some restraint, but after being taunted2007_05070210  for a year with not-enough-FourPlay-to-actually-make-anything, I needed to procure a stash that I could use.  The colorway doesn’t have a name, but it’s a warm red/orange/gold combo, that I think I’ll like. As of right now, I’m just thinking something simple in a stockinette or wide rib, but we’ll see what it calls out to be.

P5060179H needed to swing through the Cormo booth and while she poked around,  I dashed across the aisle to check out the yarn at Tintagel Farm.  I talked myself out of snapping up some of their  yarn last year, but this year I wasn’t quite so strong.  I figure this will make some sort of scarf ; I really have no idea, but I love it. 2007_05070218_2  

Last but not least, I clearly felt I needed one more skein of sock yarn to make my life complete, so I snagged some merino/tencel blend from Ellen’s Half Pint Farm.  I’ve never used a sock yarn with tencel blended in so I’ll have to see how I feel about it.


2 thoughts on “MSWF: Part I

  1. ann says:

    I am so in love with that four play you got. I’m excited to see what you do with it!

  2. Heather says:

    Isn’t the Four Play absolutely yummy yummy yummy???
    I bought two skeins… got home and decided it wasn’t enough and promptly sent a panicked email to Brooks Farm to see if they have two more skeins of the colorway I bought… they are inventorying their stock this weekend so hopefully the answer is yes!
    Hopefully you are still in Darlington waiting for the 1PM start… I have now decided that you are apparently a rain goddess and your presence guarantees pouring down rain for Nascar events, yes? However, I am not hoping your boy wins as my favorite color is Orange… Home Depot Orange… Boy with an Attitude Orange!!!

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