Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’?

I find myself having to force myself to blog tonight because if not, I’ll spend the next 3 hours playingRavelry_2
with Ravelry.  If you haven’t seen this cool creation yet, get thee to their website.   It’s sort of like an online knitting journal meets Friendster.  I’d intended to spend this past weekend photographing the stash and the copious number of WIPs in my collection, but I didn’t quite get around to it.

My friend Steph came into town for her friend’s grad school graduation so she and I got to play for a couple of hours Saturday & Sunday.  We camped out in the fun room to watch DCU defeat Toronto, Curlin edge out Street Sense and – much to her dismay – Harvick edge out Chimmie at the All-Star 2007_05210055 race.  A nasty tire rub coupled with perhaps making his move a tad late kept him in 2nd.  Ah well, the 600 next weekend is what really counts.

I’ve been knitting regularly but not with any sort2007_05210001_3 of fidelity or success.  I just finished the heel flap for my 2nd Undulating Rib sock and my Hourglass is coming along.  I’m starting to worry that maybe the sleeves are too short, and I don’t want to attach them and start the yoke if I’m not sure about the sleeve length.

I took this morning off sick because I couldn’t stand to drag myself out of bed.  I’m not depressed per se, but I’m feeling bogged down by all of the stuff I feel I should be doing, both at home and at work.  I have a couple of huge work projects that are, once again, sizing up to come due at the exact same time, and I’m feeling overwhelmed by the details.   I still have two unpainted walls in my room, photos remain unhung and I can’t bring up laundry situation in polite company.  This three-day weekend couldn’t come at a better time.

Is it bad that I’m already salivating for the weekend on Monday night?


5 thoughts on “Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’?

  1. Jenn says:

    I spent Sunday morning dragging out my stash and photographing it and now that I have it all entered into Ravelry, I’m boggling at just how much of it there is!

  2. meg says:

    ahh you lucky girl. i’ve been waiting for my invite for a while now. i can’t wait to get started!!!
    i hear you about all the impending deadlines. i’m in the exact same boat. hopefully, my three day weekend will be full of productivity. i don’t get to party because i start a bootcamp on monday morning. but like you, i’m already looking forward to the weekend because my work week is just crazy.

  3. Jessica says:

    Great sock! And I see no problem with thinking about the weekend on Monday, especially if you are going away like me. 😉

  4. LauraRN says:

    Ravelry looks like so much fun!!! I wanna play!!!! Lovin’ the socks–
    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Kim says:

    The salivating isn’t bad at all. I’ve got students who are already AWOL. Feel better!!!

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