Short weeks rule!

Of course, they usually end up feeling like you’re working six days rather than four, but what are you gonna do?  Work has been a little frustrating with servers behaving badly and new set-ups to test and web training to do.  Busy busy busy – I did NOT sign up for that!

On the whole, I had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend.  A little commercial therapy on Saturday sapped the rest of my tax refund moolah, but my new purchase isn’t scheduled for delivery until next Tuesday.  All we be revealed then.  The rest of my weekend included a cookout with friends Friday, a United game, the Charlotte race, brunch and other assorted laziness on BoysMonday.   My soccer boys continued their climb from mediocrity by winning again on Saturday; we’ll see how they fare against LA this weekend.

As for the Charlotte race, we had a nasty thunderstorm roll through about an hour after the race started that took out the power.  We won’t discuss the extensive list of swear words I ran through when that happened.  My friends Stick and Rebecca kept me up to date for a couple of ours with text-messaged updates until I turned off my phone to save the battery.  We got electricity back just in time for me to see Casey in victory lane.  As bummed as I am that we lost the lead due to a miscue on pit road, I’m SO happy for Casey (and, obviously, so is Jimmie – thanks for theDscf2921 pic, FOX Sports) and I’m sure those boys partied all night.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, one of the best things about going  to races is the people watching.  Oh my, the people watching.  This clearly goes for watching on tv, too.  While watching the replay of the race today, I noticed AJ Allmendinger’s lady friend’s wardrobe.  Nothing like bedazzling your man’s car number and initials on your bosom.

Dscf2910 For my one dab of culture for the year, I went to see Love’s Labor’s Lost with a dozen friends last night at the Carter Barron Free for All.  It always takes me a couple of scenes to sink into the language of  Shakespeare and there was certainly a twist in the production that I felt worked.   

I have been knitting, albeit slowly and with a certain lack of focus and productivity.  The body, as well as both sleeves of my Hourglass sweater have been done for weeks, but I haven’t threaded them all onto theDscf2923_2 same needle to finish the yoke and actually achieve a finished product.  The Writhe socks have suffered a similar fate of inattention, but I finally dug them back out, finished turning the heel and am now about 1/3 of the way the foot.  With any luck, I can knock it out this weekend in between pile sorting and laundry washing and paper shredding.


2 thoughts on “Short weeks rule!

  1. Stick says:

    Bedazzled Boobies!!!

  2. Andria says:

    I absolutely agree that the best thing about any nascar race is the people-watching. I’ve grown up in Southern California my whole life, and never knew there were rednecks here until I went to California Speedway in Fontana, which is affectionately referred to as “Fontucky” (for good reason).

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