Moving right along

While the knitting hasn’t exactly been flying off the needles, it has been plugging along.  While avoiding working on my mystery project, I finished my first pair of Monkey socks last week, but I can’t manage to get a good picture of them.

Bunkey This still isn’t that good picture.  But they’re done.

Pattern: the ubiquitous Monkey Socks
Yarn: 2 skeins Claudia’s Handpainted, Buckeye colorway
Needle: 2 Size 0 Addi Turbo circs
Modifications: Only did 4 repeats instead of the called for 6 on the leg; I wasn’t sure I would have enough yarn
Started: 6/12/07
Completed: 7/5/07 (or so)
Comments: I’d make another pair of these, perhaps trying to picot edge next time around.2007_07100054

I immediately cast on the Fred Flintstone STR that I picked up at MDSW this year.  I’m working it up  in a fairly simple lattice pattern, courtesy of Pepperknit (PDF).  I’m just shy of the heel turn on the first one and should hopefully be cruising down the foot by this weekend.  There’s a home DCU game Saturday night, so I’ll knock some out before then.  We’re still looking for a roommate so I won’t be able to work on it alot on Sunday.  Stupid open house is interfering with my ability to live up to my name.  I suppose I’ll just have to Tivo the end of the race then watch it when everyone leaves.

Pups This race marks  number four Chad’s 6-week suspension.  Jimmie‘s doing alright – not super, not awful, just holding steady at third in the points, though not racking up the top five finishes that I’d like to see.  His average finish is 11th (10.7 to be precise) and I think he’s just trying to hold steady so he’s in a good spot when the team gets back together.   I don’t remember him typically doing well at Chicagoland but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  I only vaguely remember watching the race last weekend.  I was exhausted and passing out on the couch while pup-sitting these two monsters.

United‘s been yo-yoing a little bit.  We’re tied for 2nd in the Eastern Conference, but there are 5 teams within 2 points of each other, so I wish we could hit our stride and hold steady for a bit.  Half2007_07110041 the team is in PA playing an Open Cup match that rumor has it didn’t go so well, but time to come  back and focus on Dallas this weekend.

Last but not least (you knew I couldn’t ramble forever), I went to see the midnight show of HP5 last night withthese three crazy women.  I’m not really so large a Harry Potter fan that I needed to see it on opening night, but I knew these gals would make it worth the sleep deprivation.


5 thoughts on “Moving right along

  1. ann says:

    you’re definitely a trooper to hit the midnight show – it sounds like it was a blast!
    the monkeys look great, too. I’m really fond of that buckeye color.

  2. Yvonne says:

    WOW! How was HP5?? Worth the hype?? I love the Monkey Socks! And…ahem…you need to send BUBBY on to me!!!

  3. Stick says:

    cute Pupsters!

  4. meg says:

    Gah, I love the colorway of the Monkey socks and am convinced that I must knit myself or someone a pair now.
    THANK YOU so much for not saying anything other than you saw the movie. I am so avoiding all convos about it. I’m going to see it tomorrow night with 10 people at our local dinner and beer theatre and cannot wait! I think I’ll indulge in a glass of wine or 3, maybe four one for every day I worked out this week. Okay, no 3 max. I have to get up and decorate for dear friends wedding at a fave pub on Saturday morning. Fun times.
    Sheesh, talk about my weekend enough for you?

  5. Dale Ann says:

    I can’t wait to do Monkey socks. And yeah gooooooo Team 48.
    Keep on Knitting

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