2007_07190004_3 Why yes, I did have to use a binder clip to hold up my pants today, why do you ask? 

My wild, wonderful world has been mildly hectic lately.  I’ve started hanging with my running/social club a bit more lately and it’s got me wiped out.  The next three weekends are also the busiest of my summer: 2 camping trips and my friends’ annual pig roast.  Throw in a trip to community theater and a hen party and I’ve got a busy couple of weeks.2007_07190011

The knitting has been slow but sure.  Well, mostly just slow.  Turned the heel on my first Leyburn sock,  with the obligatory hole in the corner of the gusset and am working my way up the leg.  This whole sock thing would be easier if I didn’t have enormous feet.  I dropped a couple of stitches tonight so I spent most of the time trying to fix my mistakes.  I’m back on track now.

The first of the summer’s camping trips is the last weekend in August.  2007_07190006 100 of my closest friends and I will be heading west to a great site along the Shenandoah River with way too much equipment and far too much alcohol.  Should be fun, but I defin  itely need to spend the weekend checking out my gear and planning an emergency trip to Target to pick up emergency supplies.  Of course, it wouldn’t be my gang if there weren’t a theme.  Fortunately Filene’s Basement had a meager selection of unattractive Hawaiian shirts.  Just what I needed!

Now, if I can just find my overalls for the pig roast…

Sports summary (sucks!): United blew a three-goal lead v. Dallas last weekend by letting them tie it up in the 2nd half.  Bitter.  Throw in a blown right-rear tire for Jimmie on Sunday and a 37th place finish in lovely, scenic Joliet and I’m MORE than happy to forget.   NASCAR’s off this weekend and DCU is in NY Sunday night.  Hopefully they’ll get three points on the road this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Ghettofabulous

  1. meg says:

    yay, sounds like you have loads of fun things coming up. my july was and still is like that. i am looking forward to august but starting to realize already it’s going to fill up fast, too.
    i’m not a big camper but that trip with the huge crowd sounds like so much fun and so what i want a camping trip to be all about. (just not in texas, in august).
    have a blast doing all of that. the sock looks fab.

  2. Stick says:

    I heart Tacky Hawaiin Shirts. Drink some for me!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who hasn’t resorted to office supplies for wardrobe functions? I wore a pair of pants w/staples in the hem for eons (well, for the months it took me to motivate to buy new bobbins so I could put the right thread into the sewing machine…..) Mmm…roast pork!

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