Playing Catch-up

Dscf3613a I"m finally back in lovely, scenic NoVA after Camping Weekend #2.  I ended up driving to central Pennsylvania solo, which would’ve been fine except the ride I turned down pulled in 10 minutes after I did, as opposed to the two hours that he originally predicted.  Grrr! 

I pulled into the campsite around 4:30 Friday afternoon and spent the next 48 hours abusing the heck out of my body (most specifically my liver).  What can I say – catching up with friends from Toronto, State College, & Tampa requires a lot of Yuengling.  And Gatorade.Dscf3615

The campsite is the same we went to last year.   It rained a little on the drive up but much once I got up there.  The weather was great – a little warm during the day but I even had to dig out the jeans and fleece jacket Saturday night.  I’m a little bummed – a lot of my friends from last weekend are going to meet up again in Puerto Vallarta in 3 weeks.  Anyone have $1000 they want to lend me?   Must focus on the big picture – Australia in seven months.  I’ll just see these guys next year in PA again.  I hope.

I have barely strung 4 stitches together in Knitville all summer.  I don’t know if it’s the heat (109 heat index tomorrow) or just general boredom but I’ve hardly gotten anything done.  The Summer of Socks has become the Summer of Sock, and Project Spectrum is but a memory.  I have a fistful of projects that I really need to work on seeing through to the end so I think I’m going to jettison all of Dscf3623the groups I’ve joined and just work on those.

From the bottom up, we have my Hourglass sweater, the mystery project, last summer’s Somewhat Cowl, my most recent (and only) pair from SoS, and the omnipresent Central Park Hoodie.  None of them are particularly far from completion, I just can’t seem to get crackin’.  Wish me luck.

Last, but not least in sporting news, United beat the Revs while I was in PA (which I would’ve Tivo’d if not for sucky, unexpected blackout of the game).  I was a little cranky to get home and find two hours of nothin’.  Fortunately, Team 48 stepped up and got a top 5 finish for the first  time since New Hampshire.


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-up

  1. Jenn says:

    I’ve been way out of it with Project Spectrum and I forgot to sign up for Summer of Socks, but so far this summer, I’ve knit something blue (red? black? huh?) and made one sock (which is actually red and black).

  2. Steph says:

    Gorgeous picture! Where were you in PA?
    And relax. Today they’re forecasting a severe cool front – it’s only going to be 98. 🙂

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