And you would be…?

My life continues to be a hodgepodge of not very interesting tidbits, so instead of boring you in a series of brief posts, I’ll just bore you quickly in one long post.  See how considerate I am?2007_08260036

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELIZABETH!!!  I just got home from her birthday dinner and I’m stuffed.  We laughed, we cried, we ate cake and ice cream.  On top of it all, her birthday was the catalyst to force me to finally finish cranking out her birthday present.  Her Fetching mitts, which I believe I cast on in, oh, May?  Yeah, finally cranked out the 2nd one in a day, mostly while watching the most boring Bristol race EVAH!   Although positive vibes were woven into the ends which I wrapped up while watching "A Knight’s Tale" this afternoon.  James Purefoy.  Adorable.

I also finally cast on my 2nd Leyburn sock.  That would be my third SoS sock, for those of you keeping score.  I am SO lame.  I don’t know why I’m so motivationally impaired, but I practically have to force myself to pick up needles any more. 

2007_08260016_2Friends of mine are heading on a weekend field trip to Niagara Falls late next month, but I’ve decided I have to give it a pass.  I went to the Falls a billion years ago on a high school trip and would love to go back, but I’ve officially begun obsessing over Australia.  Sure, it’s not for over six months, but stockpiling guidebooks and researching airfare is just my little way of extending the vacation – if only in my mind.  I know we’re hitting Sydney, I know we’re spending a long weekend in Perth, but stop number three is up in the air.  Melbourne is a distinct possibility, provided it has returned to normal after the race weekend, or maybe a tour of wineries or just sacking out for a couple of days on an island before the long flight back to the States.  Anyone have any recommendations?

My teams continue to wobble their way towards the ends of their respective seasons.  DC United is 3 points out of first with 2 games in hand and Chimmie?  Well…we’re neither mathematically eliminated nor locked in to the Chase.  Only two races left before the cut; we’ll see what happens.

I’ve fallen a little out of like with my camera, but I did manage to drag it2007_08260026 outside for a Saturday Sky picture yesterday.  It was SCORCHING, but I did manage to dash out of the relatively cool confines of my room to snap this from the backyard.  I’m not sure if we managed to break the record high yesterday but it was so miserable it didn’t matter much.

It was definitely a day for trying that Bailey’s blended with ice cubes beverage from the commercial.  I wholeheartedly approve.   


2 thoughts on “And you would be…?

  1. Erin says:

    Heath Ledger grew up in Perth and so did a college boyfriend of mine. As far as I can tell, it is the production ground for some of the most beautiful men on Earth. Take lots and lots and lots of pictures, please!! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy Me! Thank you for finishing b/c I love them!

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