Strumming My Pain with his Fingers…

About a decade ago, while on a road trip to see United v. the Revs, I was OBSESSED with this song.  I spent an entire night harassing a poor DJ in some dive bar in an alley off Boston Commons to play it and refused to leave the bar until he did.  Ah, the good ol’ days.

I have a HORRIBLE memory, but the fistful of things that I can recall are almost entirely tied to music.  Football games, fraternity parties, road trip memories…these are the things I can remember, but only because of the music I associate with them.  What I had for lunch yesterday?  Fuggetaboutit.

But I digress.

I’ve managed to pick up my needles again in prep for this three-day weekend which will invariably not seem nearly long enough.  I’m nearly to the heel of my second Leyburn sock and should be well into turning it by the time I escape the torture chamber that is my hair appointment this afternoon.  For those of you keeping score, that’s my third sock in this year’s Summer of Socks.  No, not third pair – third SOCK!  I’m a whiz and this knitting thing, what can I say?P8310302

I’ve also finally decided to cast on for my friend’s baby blanket.
I’m using the Pie pattern and so far so good, once you ignore the fact that it took me an hour and a half to cast on 138 stitches…correctly.  Two repeats down, bunches more to go.  Hope those twins don’t come early.  Fortunately I am only making one blanket as Stick is taking care of the other twin.

Although, I don’t  know who I’m kidding by professing to do all this knitting this weekend.  A birthday party tonight, a bon voyage party for a friend who’s shipping out to Germany tomorrow night and a little running club soirée Monday afternoon and then back to work.  Not only that but I’m forcing myself to go bra shopping tomorrow (which, as  you ladies know, is only second to swimsuit shopping in the great torture chamber that is the mall).  Maybe I should have a stiff drink before going to be tut-tutted at by the Nordstrom Intimates department…


4 thoughts on “Strumming My Pain with his Fingers…

  1. Yvonne says:

    I do not envy you bra shopping. Maybe Igor will hack up Bubby for you this weekend!! 😉

  2. Steph says:

    Ah, music and memories…I heard Bizarre Love Triangle on the radio last night….

  3. Stick says:

    Oh god! I HATE bra shopping!

  4. LauraRN says:

    Me too. There’s nothing worse. And you get one that you think is great, after trying on 47 of them, and it starts poking you in the ribs. Not now— Tomorrow.

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