Brought to you by…

P9010306 …the numbers 4, 32, 48 and the letter G (and Satuday’s pretty blue skies).

4 – The number of unanswered goals DCU scored against FC Dallas on Saturday evening.  Unfortunately, I saw the score on the Bottom Line on ESPN2 while watching the Busch race Saturday night.  I usually don’t bother watching the Busch race, but Jimmie was running it since it was in Cali.  He finished – you guessed it – fourth.

32 – The number of points the Ohio State Buckeyes defeated Youngstown State by in Saturday’s season opener.  Ironically, also the number of points scored by U of M in their opening day loss against Appalachian State.  [Yes, I’m fully aware that this gloating will result in the Buckeyes losingJj to the Zips this weekend.  I am not without a keen sense of irony.]

48 – After a three-month drought, Team48 pulled it all together and pulled off a victory at Jimmie’s home track, the California Speedway, Sunday night.  It was great to see the guys pull it together after a rocky Bristol and it helped cap off a great weekend after Jimmie’s foundation raised over $500,000 for Habitat for Humanity.

..the letter G.  As in, good gravy, is that really my bra size?!?  I’m going to have to lose weight if for Dscf3778 no other reason than to allow me to buy bras that don’t look like institutional garb.  ICK!

I have been knitting now and again.  Just finished turning the heel of my 2nd Leyburn sock last night and now I have to create that unsightly hole when rejoining and work on the leg.  I’ve made several pairs of socks by now and I STILL have to look up how to turn my heels.  GRRR!  Someday I’ll figure out this whole pesky knitting thing.Dscf3801   

I’ve also been working quasi-diligently on the baby blanket for the mini-0ng.  The Pie blanket is coming along.  I have 3 of eleven repeats done (sans edging), so we’ll see if I can make the halfway point during the race Saturday night.  E took me on a field trip to go get the yarn I’d need to finish it up and I need to get crackin’


3 thoughts on “Brought to you by…

  1. mai says:

    GEE?!?!?!?! as in your bra-size G!??!?!
    i’m barely pushing A over here!

  2. meg says:

    good gawd woman! a g???
    can’t wait to see the finished pie blanket. love the color you chose.

  3. Stick says:

    GO JIMMIE!!!!!!!!!

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